Monday, February 20, 2017

To Set You Free

As I heal from a traumatic childhood I have learned to embrace the scared little girl I used to be. Through this process I found the spirit of who I am becoming surrounding me. This process inspired the words in this video.

Living Between Two Worlds

It is difficult to try and live in this reality when I see the lights glow within the making of the moment. I try to be the bridge within my every day world.

Your Thoughts Are Not You Own

I have reach into my thoughts to hear all thoughts at times and find the level of this understanding difficult to put into words. This is how I view the world of thoughts.

The Driver's Seat for the Soul

The nigh I discovered my third eye was a story within itself. This is my interpretation of what the third eye is........

Clean House and Love Self

As I continue to work the twelve step program this entry is my interpretation of how I keep my heart and mind pure so my God will want to live inside.