Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Standing in the Cross-Roads of All Time-Lines for Activation

The energies are mixing to bring the truth of all lives lived in human form. The fragmented energies must choose and form into their groups. The balance of the dark and light occurs in this time-loop. It merges then separates into a mixture that is forming new beginnings. It is never ending as all occurs at the same time. This period is forming the gateway for the two groups that will start over again.

It all happens at the same time, yet you can only see it as liner events. The past, present and future are all ONE. The energy that your current consciousness is in brings forth the higher realms to complete the cycle that prevents you from being capable of articulating this understanding. All the veils are lifting as you grow consciously.

The blending of the higher realms covers the planet for All to understand. The shadows are limited because there is too much light that shines into this darkness. Everything can be seen and even those who do not understand will gain the knowledge that All came here as planned. The darkness becomes faint as it waits for the time when the Source of All Knowledge decides to experience this level of density in your unique form again.

The awareness guides you out of the unknown and into that which you have always been a part of.  The time of darkness is over. The body blends with this consciousness so a new form can be created. As you sit in this space that is your illusion, you feel the blending as the body responds. The over soul moves in to ensure that all fear is gone. The knowing moves into the belief now and all that has been prophesied manifests into reality.

It is a time of great courage as everyone faces themselves for this revelation. There is no right or wrong way in this harvest.  The knowing inside grows to give you understanding as the over soul covers the mind and body. It connects everything to the soul that sits beside the heart. You are being activated for this shift in your reality.

You know but look away in hopes that this activation is not real and that it will not show up another day, so you do not have to be responsible. You are now seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and thinking on a heightened level. People, places and things from all time-lines are appearing before your very eyes as this shift of the over-soul occurs. This is bringing you into the 5th dimension. You do not have room for uncertainty now within your consciousness. There is no time for questions. Now is the time for action as this shift occurs.

Your current sight cannot see how the energies are blending. You are learning how to see within your mind’s eye. As the time-lines blend, objects and people are appearing from past and future time-lines. All cross in this section where you are consciously housed. You are standing in the cross-roads of all time-lines. You planned this glorious experience and these words are to activate the knowing inside of you.

As you stand in these cross-roads and look towards the right, the left, behind you and before you, the familiar feeling seeps inside that you have been here before; as it will always be.

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