Thursday, October 18, 2018

Those Left Behind

The over soul is bringing the conscious knowledge to the planet. Mother Earth is connecting with the higher realms that is elevating All. The entire universe rejoices as all feel the shift inside. It is felt like a tidal wave for some as the spiritual shift occurs.

The Earth is preparing all inside for the higher vibrations that are raising All into the higher dimensions. You may feel this vibrational change inside your headaches, the ringing in your ears, blurred vision, a nauseous stomach, heat waves that come over the body which result in sweating then chills and many other bodily sensations. You may begin to see the colors lifting out of plants, beams of light that come from the sky that create the people, places and things within your view and the sparkles of light that create the moment.

It is a time of many changes as you begin to remember who you have always been. You may begin to connect on the soul level with others and a casual conversation will become a spiritual experience. You are breaking out of the fear and the lower entities can no longer reach your vibrational level. You are ascending into the knowing as you channel the higher forces into the planet.

The energies are balancing for this shift as you begin to feel a peace inside. You now see the bodies within your view as a reflection of what others hold inside. This discernment is growing as you begin to know their truth prior to their words. The heavy energies or light energies that surround them can now be seen. Articulating this experience is difficult because there are no words for what has never occurred before yet will always be. Your experiences are created into time, so they can be recorded for the Source of All Knowledge to create further for the new beginnings. This period has been marked and has been documented by the recorders as Mother Earth goes through this transition with All that live inside. She grows spiritually as she breaks free from all lower energies. As she goes through her cleansing, all inside must choose to grow with her or to be left behind.

Freewill gives all the choice. Do you cleanse the mind and body for this shift or do you refuse this change and become one of those left behind?

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