Wednesday, September 3, 2014


The God of your understanding will give you the authority to know that the things inside  of yourself are true. If others question you, the wisdom will be given to all that what you say is from the source where all knowledge lies. There will come a day when you will not question why you say and do things as you take the path towards Something Greater. You will be given the knowledge that all you are is necessary for your mission in this dimension.

As you are blessed with knowledge, the things that lie around you that appear to be problems will turn into the way to gain more understanding of who you are becoming on this mission called “Life”. Those that surround you will become symbolic of a part of yourself and the relationships that were once in your life will be seen as a part of the adventure that gave you clues on your hunt for Greatness.

Those that surround you today will then be seen as the ones that give you more strength to find the authority to walk with assurance that the path you are on is where you are supposed to be and nowhere else will do. You will one day understand that no one defines who you are except for your own perception of yourself.

Does someone in your life always cause you disappointment, yet your love for them keeps you bound for a life time of this emotion? What part of you causes you to be disappointed? You will find that the more you look at the part of you that is disappointed, the more you will reach for Something Greater as the Creator gives you the answers.

As you seek for the answers, you will find that you have just reached a new level of awareness because you will then understand that it was always about you, even through others. Everything will then become like a mirror that reflects back to you. The life you live will then be viewed as the flower that soaks in the rays of the sun to grow. The people, places and events in your life will be like the rays of the sun that help you grow on your path towards Something Greater.

As you soak in the rays of light from all around you, the dark thoughts will seem to fade away. The more light you find in the people, places and events in your life, the less dark thoughts you will hold. You will seek out the place inside that gives you peace and you will wake up one day with no thoughts of despair. That will be the day that you will find your heaven in your thoughts and the next level of awareness will occur.

Where does the peace take you? That will be between you and the God of your understanding as you bask in the glory of the knowledge given to you that makes you yearn for more. You will learn that all you are is because of your Creator and as you feel the peace swell up inside of you, it will become impossible to just keep it for yourself. That will be the day that you will discover, it was always about who you are becoming as a vessel for Something Greater.

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