Thursday, September 11, 2014


There will come a day when there will only be two groups. You may even choose your group on the day you are leaving this body. There are those who do not choose any groups and they wonder aimlessly on their search for the group they belong with. Their journey may result in the integration of their spirit with a different form to continue the search. The spirit does not understand your pocket of time and will assist you in your spiritual growth by creating in any form you choose.

Those that sit in anger, jealousy, hatred and resentment are stuck in their search for where they belong. For each person they pull energy from as a result of their inability to look for the greater good in what is occurring in such emotions, they are gradually forming a group that leads into the source of such dark emotions. As your energy cannot be destroyed and changes form, so shall your emotions and thoughts that produce energy. You create the forms you carry based upon the thoughts and emotions you hold.

Your beauty on the outside only reflects the spirit you hold on the inside. Your material things do not reflect your spirit. The answers lie inside what you think and how you feel about what you have that surrounds you. If you feel the gratitude for what you have around you, the spirit will radiate through you into your world. If you hold a negative emotion, this will reflect into your home, the people you surround yourself with and all your affairs.

The energy you hold is what you form your reality into. You will eventually form into one of two groups in this dimension as a result. Once there are only two groups left is when the battle that is documented throughout history will occur. The Source of All Creation will allow a group of darkness to form as all make their choice. The freewill is given to all and once all have experienced both groups, they will then decide where they belong.

Those that choose the group full of negative energy will be given the choice to know they do not have to live in darkness. Many have already made their choice and are forming physically into their group. Do not be fooled by those with material things and by those who have the authority in the masses. The intensions behind their words will reflect the group they are choosing or have already chosen. With each word spoken and each thought put into action, the closer all become to their group of choice.

What are the groups you ask? One group is for creation and the other group is for destruction. The path to each comes through freewill. Until you know the difference between the two, you will have experience after experience as you develop the ability to make choices between the two groups. You will not consciously understand that you are making choices until the day you see the effect of your decisions on another and you are capable of experiencing compassion for the pain you may cause another or you decide that the effect you have on others does not matter. Until you can see the greater good of your choices, freewill is meaningless. Until the day comes when you see that what you do to others is what you do to yourself, freewill will be misunderstood. You do not help another just for them. You help others for your own spiritual growth and if the feeling of obligation lies behind your intentions, you have much to learn on your path to enlightenment.

Freewill starts with each piece of knowledge you obtain on your search for Something Greater and you learn the difference between the group of creation and the group of destruction. All your knowledge can be traced back to the beginning of when you had no knowledge and you did not have the ability to make choices for yourself. With each experience you have on your journey through life, your thoughts and emotions will create your intentions and ultimately the group you choose through freewill.

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