Monday, September 8, 2014

The Raindrops

Spiritual growth comes through knowledge. As you gain understanding of how knowledge comes to you through your thoughts, you will begin to see that there is a link from your thoughts to others. It is like the raindrops that make up a stormy night as each drop blends in with the next.

As you accept that you are right where you are supposed to be, the events that will begin to unfold may seem impossible at first. Your thoughts will begin to be spoken by those around you and you will begin to witness the promises coming true that God assures will occur if you obey the commandments documented by Moses in the Bible. You may not be able to comprehend how it all works. As you seek for the answers, pieces of the explanations will come to you and it will, at first, be difficult to articulate. You will question your sanity yet you will want to share the wonderful things that will happen with others.

Some events may not be pleasant as you clean up the aftermath of the hurricane in your thoughts. As you bring out your new thoughts, you will scatter the new wisdom you obtain from the place where all knowledge lies for creation.  You will begin to understand that what you thought in your past is no longer who you are. As you vocalize your new thoughts, you will begin to cause a chain reaction in the world around you. Your reality will react as you pick up each piece of the despair from your past and turn it into the love you have found in an unseen world.

Some pieces of the despair may seem too heavy to pick up. Those are the times you will need to ask for help from a world that lies inside your thoughts. As you prepare for the cleanup, your world will be filled with negativity as you see the product of your past thoughts in your surroundings. People may become angry with you as you attempt to make the present experiences balance with what thoughts you now hold. It will all be determined by what your intensions are as you seek for the God of your understanding that gives you the answers and ultimately your purpose on this journey through life. It will be important to remind yourself that the spirit world does not know time and as you desire for things to be a specific way in your life, the spirit will swirl around you as you grow in a world that is not determined by even a second of time.

Your past despair will merge into the love you now hold and may take longer than you want to balance out in your world. Acceptance will assist with your ability to find peace inside as you stand in the middle of the storm that is the product of your past. The humiliation of who you are because of past thoughts will then merge with the new found thoughts of love for an unseen world that now sits inside of you. It is like the stars that gradually fill the night sky until all is lit with the beauty of who you have become because of this unseen world. You will then understand that you shine this world out to others through your thoughts and with each time you bring it forth out into action, another piece of the despair will turn into the love of who you are because of your belief in a world that only lives inside your thoughts.

The aftermath of your negative thoughts that now are full of love will take time to clean up as the world around you catches up with who you now are on the inside. You will then realize that you no longer regret the past nor do you wish to shut the door on it because you would not be who you are today any other way. That will be the day you will take the debris and look for the beauty in all the parts of your past that make you who you are because of all you experienced. You will then see the past experiences that made you feel like you were going to drown as you stand in the middle of the storm are turning into the nourishment on your search for greatness. All your despair will turn into the soft raindrops that will touch your skin while the sun shines as you look out to see the rainbow that symbolizes yet another promise coming true in your life.  



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