Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Spirit of Sickness

**This entry is dedicated to Gloria Barker. Please have your husband, Herb, read it out loud to you at least twice. In the one encounter I had with Herb, all the times you have given to others can be given back to you if you "believe"...........
Emotions bring forth specific reactions in your body. If you are anxious, your stomach may feel like it is doing flip flops as your anxiety goes back and forth from your thoughts to your feelings. In your quest for spiritual growth, there will come a level of awareness when you will begin to recognize the type of spirit that enters your space by how you feel and by what you think. Certain spirits will bring forth certain reactions in your body as it enters your thoughts and emotions. When you become aware that such experiences do occur, you will begin to identify the spirit of sickness that can consume your body. The knowledge that you are made in the image of your creator who is perfection will strengthen you when the spirit of sickness attempts to invade your body.

There will come a day when you will be able to identify the spirits that enter your space. You will take the knowledge you have been given from Something Greater and will use it to continue the form of perfection that your creator made you into. You will be able to recognize the spirit by how your body reacts and as you gain control over your thoughts and emotions, you will heal any sickness that enters your body.

Your body is the product of your thoughts and emotions and sickness can only emerge when you allow this spirit to enter. As you grow spiritually, you will understand that all sickness was planned prior to your arrival into this dimension. There are many reasons why people become sick.

The spirit is forming your thoughts and emotions into your physical form. If you are full of stressful thoughts, your body will form into these thoughts through sickness. For those that are born with sickness there are experiences that all impacted by the sickness will have for spiritual growth.

If you have the spirit of sickness you are at a crossroads within your thoughts as you read these words. How do you take control of your thoughts that will result in taking control of the spirits that surround you at any given time? It is a process that will take great discipline on your behalf. Acceptance that you have this sickness for spiritual growth will be difficult, especially if you have a sickness that makes you think you are dying. You will not be able to see the greater good in such a situation. You will be fearful of death and what this sickness is doing to your body. The fear will consume you at times and acceptance of where you are within your thoughts will be difficult to surrender to because of the fear.

The spirit of sickness will be present to tell you that you need to accept the life you have and that you are right where you are supposed to be. If it is a terminal diagnosis, you will be forced to seek for answers as to what your life means to you as a result. If you do not believe in a higher power, you will be forced to question the existence of one. As you go back and forth in your mind of what is true for your existence, you will make a choice during the sickness of if you just give this body up and move into nothing as you do not seek for a higher power or you look out into your thoughts for a way to make yourself feel better about your presence in this body that is now filled with sickness.

If you choose to identify with the spirit of sickness and totally accept this moment, the healing can begin as you find the love for all that you are today. Releasing the fear of all your past and what opened you up to the spirit of sickness will bring you to the awareness of why you subconsciously allowed it to enter into your body. You may feel as though you are a victim and there is nothing you can do with the sickness. As in any relationship that you do not want, you may become angry, you may experience denial that it even exists, you may pretend to be a friend and go about your day as if nothing has changed for you. The day you can identify why you have allowed the spirit of sickness into your life, you will understand why it came to you. This stage of development is beyond any words as you will embrace what the God of your understanding has given you and the desperation for spiritual growth will then be viewed as the gift that it was meant to be all along.

The spirit of sickness will then be viewed like the parent trying to teach the child how to become independent in their growth from a child to adulthood. If you think you will die from the spirit of sickness, you will then embrace the moment for your spiritual growth as you leave this body and become an example for all those who are impacted by the dying process.

Do you spend the time you have in this body full of anger and misery as a victim of what you are going through or do you accept that this is the life you have whether you believe in Something Greater or not? There will come a day when you will understand that the spirit of sickness is needed to help guide you on your path toward the God of your understanding and you will embrace the pain like the mother who embraces the rebellious child who has caused so much anguish because he or she did not know any better at the time.

You were made in the image of your creator and each experience you have while in this body brings you to another level of awareness for the perfection that you were made into. The sickness will then be viewed as an illusion for what is really happening on your pathway back to perfection with the God of your understanding. You are responsible for what you do with your thoughts as you allow your creator to create through you. Even the spirit of sickness can turn into your friend if you see the greater good of what you are learning.

There are spirits who only want destruction of this dimension and you have to get control of your thoughts to ensure that they do not consume you. How strong your connection is with your creator will determine the abilities these spirits will have within your thoughts. The more time you spend with a specific thought, the more energy a specific spirit will have to create or to destroy with you. The spirit of sickness can be viewed as an opportunity to go to your next level of awareness if you so choose. The answers will come if you seek within yourself. You will find the clues within all your affairs. That will be the day the spirit of sickness will turn into the spirit of love because of your belief in a world that cannot be seen but can be heard inside your thoughts.

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