Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Relationship

The ability to understand that you are a creation from a greater source that is beyond your comprehension brings you to a level of awareness that will lead you to many life altering events. It will be like watching a flower bloom into the most radiant color that vibrates so high all around will only see its beauty. As you become aware that you affect everything and everyone around you because you are the vessel for Something Greater all your affairs will be impacted.

When you can understand that all you went through in your life brought you to this awareness, you will surrender to the greater good of the life you are living. You may not have any answers but you will experience a stillness that will sit in the pit of your stomach. It will help you find the peace inside your thoughts. It will assure you that you are right where you are supposed to be. Your presence is for the Source of All Creation to further creation through you.

If you attempt to communicate with this source at every moment, you will be able to discipline yourself to remember that it is there. The relationship with this source will grow like the flower that blooms and there will be no boundaries needed. Some people heal others because of their relationship and their belief that this source can heal through them. There are many types of relationships that people develop with the God of their understanding. There are many documented accounts of what people have accomplished because of their belief in a relationship with this source. There are many experiences that will occur because of your belief in what this relationship means to you in your life.

How can you develop a relationship with a world that you cannot see? This dimension is the product of the spirit world. It is like the seed that grows into a flower. Each stage of growth brings its own presence of beauty. You have the freewill to grow into the most beautiful flower because of your beliefs in what this relationship means to you. Just like the flower seeking for the sun and the rain to grow, you will need the storms and the rainbows as you develop a relationship with the God of your understanding.

As in any relationship it will take great effort on your behalf to maintain a positive connection. You will need to reach inside the darkest part you hold to find this connection through the desperation that there is a source inside of you that can only be seen through the world around you. The understanding comes when you realize that your thoughts reflect the relationship you have with the Source of All Creation through the world around you.

Some days may seem as though they are full of storms that will make you question if this source is angry with you and then in the middle of the storm, this source will speak to you through another person, through a song or through the raindrops. You will then know the storm was planned for your spiritual growth. If you are not seeking this source, you will miss the messages that will be surrounding you. How did your friend know to call you just to say hello when you were feeling your worst? How did the song sing the words that gave you hope when you had none?

Prayer is the key to developing this relationship and must be viewed as a daily ritual. At first it may feel uncomfortable as you will feel like you are talking to yourself. Some people pick the same prayer to repeat over and over until they are more comfortable when communicating with a world that is only in your thoughts and emotions. Your prayer will manifest into your world if you seek for this verification. That will be the day your relationship with the God of your understanding will come into full bloom. You will be blessed with the wisdom to know that you are being heard.

You will not be able to share your thoughts during this stage of development. You will even question if it is a coincidence. Then the whisper will come inside your thoughts and you will know that you are not alone and nothing you have done to develop this relationship was in vain. It will not matter what others will think as you will then understand that this source knows your true intensions and will verify that it is there as extensions from your thoughts into the world around you.

No one will be able to tell you how to view this relationship and no one will be able to tell you what you should do to develop a strong connection with this unseen world. The answers will come from within yourself as you seek for the type of relationship that you desire with a world that cannot be seen but can be heard inside your thoughts.


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