Monday, May 21, 2018

The Goal in the Matrix

The expression of your Creator that is seen by the outside world reflects what lies inside. The imbalance is a result of how much darkness and how much light you hold inside. As the thoughts and feelings intertwine with the spirit, the soul receives the nourishment to awaken the mind and body. Depending upon if your thoughts and feelings are full of love or fear is what type of energy source that will enter the third eye or the pineal gland. The spirit is like the water that feeds the flower, it will enter the third eye full of light or darkness, depending upon how much love or fear you are experiencing inside the mind and heart.

Just like the battery that holds a negative and a positive charge, the feelings and emotions do the same to charge the third eye for the energy source that enters the body to nourish the soul for growth in the third dimension. You are like the seed that grows into the most beautiful of flowers. The earth and the spirit are your nourishment. As you grow, the soul is activated to bring forth the other dimensions into the space where your mind and body are consciously located.

You have access to all universes right where you sit. The third eye is like a sponge and soaks up anything you allow into your thoughts and feelings. If you are angry, ensure that the thoughts do not follow this spirit of anger as the third eye will give you what source of energy you are allowing yourself to experience. With freewill, you give permission for the light or the darkness to enter your space.

The beginning stages will be a reflection in your outside world as you see the illusions of what the spirit of anger provides you. The first stage of this spirit is the thought that something is happening to you. You may become physically sick as you bury this source of energy inside in what is called denial. When the spirit of anger is not recognized, it will grow like a weed within your entire life. It will eventually suffocate you until there is no where to go. You may feel paralyzed and isolate yourself as a result. You may play this out for many lifetimes until you awaken to the patterns. Awareness is the beginning of change and your desperation for change will determine if you can expand your awareness into the higher realms.
The seeking will bring you confusion in the initial stages of this process and you will question your entire belief system as a result. It will be vital to ensure that the thoughts and emotions stay as positive as possible, so any negativity can receive the answers though a pure connection to the spirit or the energy source you are tapping into at any given time.

The goal in this Matrix is to become the observer with a balance of the positive forces that enter the body. There is duality in the third dimension and the negative forces are necessary for creation. You will see the negative forces within the world that lies on the outskirts of the bubble you are currently consciously located.

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