Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Cleansing

As the energies rise to higher frequencies, the sounds will become more sensitive to those who are evolving into the higher levels. High pitch ringing will become evident on a regular basis. The calling is here. The sounds permeate the vibrations that are holding this planet into form.

Once you become aware of these sounds, you will feel a shift inside your very core. A knowing will resonate through your entire body. These sounds are changing the entire fabric that Mother Earth is made from. Those who hear will go through periods of confusion as their subconscious and conscious states of existence merge into ONE.

The knowledge of all lifetimes will burst into the moment and the shift will be difficult for some to understand. All the shame, the resentments, the hatred and ultimately the fears will bubble to the surface for cleansing. The negative energy will need to be cleansed so the moment can shine for your new beginning.

The understanding that the darkness was needed to create with the light of ALL knowledge will bring forth the empowerment of who you are becoming because of this darkness. How can you see the stars without the darkness in the sky? How can you know the love without experiencing what it is not?

The time is now for all those experiencing the human form to pause and allow all the energies to mix into the most glorious of creations. You are bringing the spirit out into human form. You have planned many lifetimes for this moment. As you accept all the darkness with the knowledge that it was needed to bring you to this understanding, the empowerment will emerge because of all you experienced.

The victim roles, the wounded roles, the abandoned roles, the saboteur roles, the addict roles, the judgement roles, the rebel roles and the slave roles will then be viewed from a higher level for the compassion that this planet needs. The cleansing is here, and the time is now.

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