Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Harvest

You feel it growing inside your head.
You feel it moving as it spreads.
You know it is changing you to the core.
You hold some fear, yet you want more.
It brings you questions as you cannot articulate.
All you can do is wait.
 Is it your fate?
How do you reach for logic as you know that you must let go?
How can this be so?
The ringing is heard inside your head, as these feelings spread.
The heart is fluttering as you breathe to keep yourself present.
 The moment is changing as you see the sparkles, the lights of blue look like marbles.
You look towards others that glow in the lights, everything looks like a show within your sight.
No one seems to notice the difference, yet you feel their spirits longing to be recognized.
At times it gets so complicated as you become so captivated.
All the forms show white lights that surround the people and things within your sight.
All the lights seem to grow as all the people seem to glow.
You feel the pressure in your head as the sounds echo with what you just said.
You get dizzy as you feel the thickness in the air.
Even the wind tries to speak as it blows through your hair.
You almost see the waves of colors as the darkness and the light intertwine.
A rainbow effect comes and goes as you see the signs.
You try to walk through the day and do what needs done along the way.
Everything seems like a light show as you feel the peace flow.
You feel the ache inside the throat as you long to speak what you know.
No one seems to understand as you try to find the words.
How can you tell the world you see that something is coming that will change what is called reality?
You are changing as the knowledge comes.
It seeps into the body from the inside-out to become ONE.
It will plant into the mind like a seed and grow through the body like a weed.
It will crawl into the darkest spots and turn into the light right within the thoughts.
It will shine out from the eyes and show the beauty within your sight.
You will feel a surge of energy that will make you want to fly.
You will look to see where it comes from, did it come from the sky?
Nothing will matter as it pours into you, everything will look like something new.
The old and tattered past will then be seen from a different view.
The worries of the future will turn into the moment for your review.
The harvest is here for all to share as the crop is now ripe.
You are ready to be picked as the spirit wants your type.

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