Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Big Wave

Those who call the new beginning “The Event” anticipate an instant change within the planet and all that live inside. This “Event” has been defined in many ways as all anticipate what can be called the end of times. Some even place a date on this “Event” and wait with excitement for this world-wide change. Some have codes for this “Event”, some see visions of this “Event, some hold a knowing of this “Event”. All agree that something is coming that will change the very fabric of Mother Earth.

It is a time of great unrest as these thoughts weave into the core of All thoughts during this transition. For those connected to the unseen world, a confusion is occurring as everyone tries to interpret the messages that are being received. This transformation brings the mixture of All into this crystal ball called Earth and the higher dimensions look with awe at the sights and wonders that are being created as a result. It is a glorious time when looked at from above, with much to offer for All.

The concern lies with those who are uncertain and are in the twilight state of mind. Those who anticipate the “Event” are awake and will be activated when needed. After all, how can you really know what is going to happen and patiently wait in these clothes you call bodies? The uncertain look towards those who know something is going to happen as the examples with much confusion.

The groups are forming as planned for this “Event” and the time will be when there are only two groups. The unity is mixing as planned and All will choose their sides through freewill. The uncertain ones will choose even if no choice is what they choose. This “Event” is now and is mixing within the essence of what you are made from. It weaves in and out of you and sits inside the soul that flows through the mind and body.

The Source of All brings this energy on to the planet in waves and as it builds into the Big Wave for All, the small waves are uniting the awakened who are the examples for those in the twilight. It is a time of much confusion in the mix and all must go within to ensure that they have the proper ingredients for the time of the Big Wave. It is building inside of you for the grand finale and All will feel this shift. Those who choose to live in the darkness will experience the gnashing of teeth, the turmoil within their thoughts and hearts and the inability to hold the Big Wave inside of them. A cleansing is needed and those who hold the light will have to shine it into those who sit in the darkness if they choose to allow the light for change into their lives.

Some ask what are these waves? It is the Source of All Knowing that brings these waves of knowledge for those who live in the third dimension. It is time for the harvest as the seasons change. The third dimension is growing to make room for the new, as it will always be. It is in perfect order and as the waves hit you, the knowledge of all lives lived, the knowledge of all creation, the knowledge of all your “Whys? and all your suffering will be answered in several little waves that lead to one Big Wave of knowledge like the bolt of lightning that streaks across the night-time sky. The “Event” is happening every time you wake up to this dream-state that keeps you chained in the illusions of what your life is to you.

Keep strong and hold your courage high for All so you can be the beacon for the uncertain to see. Be still and know you are HERE and you are not alone as the benevolent ones cheer you on and shout with joy as All anticipate the next wave that prepares everyone for the Big Wave.

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