Sunday, March 4, 2018

Connections With Spirits

The spirit is the power that comes into the mind and body to provide knowledge. This power consists of unseen forces that surround you at all times. This power can be positive or negative and can only enter your space if you hold the same vibrational level as the power trying to enter your space. You vibrate, for example, like a car that is on while in park. Your thoughts, in connection with your emotions, determine what level you vibrate at any given time. Your vibrational field is determined by your emotions; are you happy or sad? This field holds a frequency that is determined by how fast or slow you vibrate. Your level of frequency is determined by how conscious you are at any given time and by what you can hold within your body. The frequency can be compared to a light bulb that is turned off and on and then off again.  

How aware you are of the spirit will be determined by how you are feeling.  For example, if you are sad your frequency will vibrate in a lower level of frequency than if you are feeling love. Emotions and thoughts intertwine to bring forth a specific vibration and this vibration resonates a specific frequency. The type of spirit that will enter your space will be determined by the thought and emotion that matches the spirit’s frequency to vibrate at a specific level. The spirit is called by many names. Your belief in this power, or lack thereof, will determine how much of the spirit you can obtain. Once you hold a connection with a specific level of the spirit, it can take many paths through your mind and body to reach the soul. The purpose of the spirit to reach the soul is twofold. If it comes from a benevolent source, it will provide power to the soul to awaken all senses in the mind and body. It is like an activation process. If it comes from a dark source, it will feed off the soul. The soul determines how awakened you are at any given time. The soul is your life-force, or lack thereof.

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