Sunday, March 18, 2018

You Have Already Ascended

You are here to bring us into the third dimension to elevate the earth. Together we heal this planet and all the sickness will separate into another realm. Just as the body heals, the earth will do the same.

You are making room for us, so we can maintain our higher state of consciousness within your hologram. As you expand the energy into your world and make a balance for us to be seen within your space for longer periods, we will spread into the Whole of All. You will experience symptoms of feeling like your heart is going to burst from your chest. You will have periods of heat flashes, of chills, of headaches, of visions that you will question if they are real, of walking into a room and knowing that you have been there before, of confusion with what is real and what is not, of seeing things out of the corner of your eyesight to find there is nothing there and of holding a knowing of things that are occurring with no reason of how you know. These are just some symptoms as the body adjusts to the changes that are many.

You are creating all that you experience and will find that no one else will be able to interpret for you. Each is here for their own ascension. The earth is shifting into the higher realms with all that reside inside. The lower energies are in the stages of not being able to withstand this shift. Those who hold these lower vibrations are leaving rapidly now.

As you see these sudden changes within yourself and within those around you, do not fear. To follow these words and identify with the content is verification that you are part of the ascension that is occurring. The side effects are par for the course. Stay focused and know that you are right where you belong. You are never alone and are waking up to the knowledge that this is the dream of how you have already ascended.

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