Saturday, March 10, 2018

There Is No Time

Once the union of the spirit, the mind, the body and the soul occur, the Source of All Knowledge will come forth for creation. This process is vital to bring the light into this dimension. With this union comes All Knowing and All Power. Nothing can stop this Source as the love comes into human form. Everything is possible with this Power; with only the light from love.

No fear will be present as the illusions are then seen for what they are. The light of love shows all truth and the knowledge will flow into All that feel this presence inside. The body will become like new as all darkness kneels before the light of love. All worries are given peace, all hate is turned into compassion with the knowledge from the truth. All the grief for losses will be shown that they have only gained understanding of the greater plan because of the losses. All heartache will turn into the knowing that you were only experiencing such emotions, so you can know what love is not.

This power brings you to the realization that it was always within you, waiting for you to experience what the light of love means to you. This union is now for All in this place you call time, so you can understand that there is no time when Something Greater dwells within. With the knowledge of no time, all that was taught is then cast aside for the flow of change. The Power of All Knowledge is then seen like the flower that grows from the seed into full bloom. You will stop the wheel of karma with this knowledge and there will be no need to grow old. There will be no need for death as you have no reason to try to make things “right” in a new form. You will then be in acceptance of this moment and as time ceases, so shall the breakdown of the body.

The Power of All Knowledge will bring the understanding that you are here forever more, and the mind and body will change with this flow. There will be no more fear, no more suffering and no more death. The key lies inside of you where Something Greater dwells. The key unlocks the door where there are no limitations that the illusion of time has placed upon you while in human form.

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