Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Marathon

When you realize that were you stand collides with who you were, you will have two choices. Do you live in the thought of what could have been or do you look towards what can be? Knowing the past has already spoken and brings you to what you are today is two-fold. Would you still want to be who you are if you would have known this is where you would be, by making the decisions that brought you here today?


From the beginning you were searching for the pathway back to Something Greater. Your creations lead you here, right where you stand. If you would have taken a different path, you would not be who you are today. When you go back to the beginning of who you remember in your life, you will find the part of you that was always there. You will find the part of you that had pure intentions that got all confused along the way.


When you go back to those pure intentions, you will find the part of you that burns inside for the love of those intentions. As you tried to protect your love, you set boundaries for experiences that hurt you along the way. With each new boundary you placed on another, you complicated your intentions. As you search for meaning in this thing called life, and find that there is Something Greater at work, you will question what that means to you. As you put more faith into what the God of your understanding stands for in your life, you will look at all the relationships throughout your life that made you who you are today.


For those relationships that cannot be repaired because there are no more boundaries for the expectations you held on those relationships, you must take what you have learned for something new.


It will feel like the end of running a marathon. A tiredness will be there as you look to the finish line and see another race beginning. Do you stop to rest or do you keep on running?

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