Monday, March 17, 2014

Right Where You Are

You are right where you are suppose to be in this moment.  Even reading this makes you stop and notice yourself.  Look at your feet, your hands and your chest.  This moment is all you have and all that stuff in your head complicates what you are doing in that body.  Reach out to the space in front of you and notice the things around you.  Do you see a flower that is dying or a flower in full bloom?  You have the ability to take this moment and make it anything you choose.  The day begins inside your thoughts that are guided by your emotions.  Stop the thought and feel the emotion that is behind it.  If you cannot identify the feeling, breathe in and out until you feel the connection.  Allow the peace inside to merge into the thought.  Even in a difficult experience, you have control of what feelings and what thoughts you hold.  That is who you are and nothing more.  You can become the King of your thoughts with the proper feelings.  In between the two lies a force that brings you love or fear.  The balance is needed to remind you of who you are inside.  The spirit of love will bring you one type of feeling and thought while the spirit of fear will bring you another.  You will go back and forth with thoughts and feelings trying to decide who you are and you will find that you are right where you are and nothing more.  Look to the sky and see the clouds that will move for you if you feel the movement as they float by.  See the glow of the leaves on the trees and know they are for you to admire.  Hear the birds sing just for you.  Take this knowledge and go forth into the part of you that seeks for love and know that you are right where you are and nothing more.

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