Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Vengeance of Love

The vengeance of love can be two-fold.  How can we love yet correct the action of those we love that are harmful to their self?  The attempts to correct harmful behaviors is reflected in our legal system and our law enforcement.  Even when we try to reach out in a loving way to help someone, they may deny that they even have a problem.  Many of us are in denial that there are problems.  As we continue down the path of denial, the consequences become harsher and harsher as the messages in the world around us try to tell us that we are on the wrong path.  With each time we continue to make the wrong choices, the pathway traveled becomes more difficult.  If we look at this on a different level, we can see it happening within groups of people.  We can even stand back further and look at it on a global scale.  There are different levels of problems and different levels of correction that occur to guide us towards the pathway of Something Greater.  Some of us may not need any reminders that we are making the wrong choices.  We are the ones who listen to the voice inside of us that guides us on the proper path. We all have a purpose that must be fulfilled and for those of us who are not listening to the voice that guides us on this path towards Something Greater, we will have many episodes that will let us know  which way to travel towards our purpose and ultimately towards Something Greater.  We cannot escape the path we will travel.  We may go off course in periods of our life, but we will eventually find the path towards love as long as we seek. When we hold love and want to protect those around us, even when they do not want our help, we can find ways to protect our love and protect others in the process.  Just as we protect our self and those we love, Something Greater does the same for us.  Even in the times that we think there is no reason for heartache, those who believe in Something Greater will keep the faith that as long as we only move forward seeking for the promises that Something Greater offers us, we will find that thoughts and feelings will follow.  As Something Greater protects us from any harm, we will believe that when things and people are taken from us in life that there is a greater purpose.  We may not understand why some things have happened or are happening to us or around us today, but there will come a day when we will know that everything was done for our growth.  Something Greater will come with a vengeance to those who try to change our path that is already planned out.  It will be like the storm that covers the sky to ensure that our creator’s plan will be followed out.  There may be times that we will feel as though the rain will never stop and we do not understand why we are experiencing difficult times and then we will wake up one morning to find the most beautiful flowers that have bloomed in our mind as a result of all the rain.  Something Greater will protect the vessels used for creation and that carries over into all areas of our life and ultimately in our world.  As the separation continues between what is “bad” and what is “good” and as the battle rages on in our mind, we will see the separation reflect in our groups and ultimately in our masses.   As more of us “wake up” to this reality, we will merge into our groups for either degrees of love for each other or degrees of fear for each other.  Each of these emotions are playing out in our reality.  As we create our reality, Something Greater already planned the outcome.  As we connect with the energy source we choose to allow inside of our mind and as awareness grows, the two powers emerge into our reality.  Something Greater created this time before we came here.  This beast that is talked about all throughout history that will emerge as great power will reflect our thoughts.  As groups gather for their choice of their reality each of us will go inside our mind to feel the connection with our creator.  The vengeance of love will come forth as the promises emerge into our world.  We do not comprehend what this power that created us is doing in our life and we will seek the faith that all was and is for our awakening to what we are inside.  As more of us find our heaven on Earth, we will reach out to others to show them how to find it for their self.  Some of us are filled with so much fear that we have shadowed our mind and created an illusion of what we see in our world.  Dark forces are hard at work to keep us from love that is waiting inside to show us what is talked about all throughout history.  Knowing that knowledge from the source of love or the source of fear brings us to the cross roads of our reality, the vengeance of love planned for this time since our beginning.  The word was spoken and will be so.

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