Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Introduction: The Spirit Behind Thoughts and Emotions

Right between our thoughts and emotions lies an entry way into a world that we cannot see but can hear in our mind.  This book explains how this unseen world crawls into our thoughts and emotions and helps create our reality.  The author teaches us how to believe in a world that cannot be seen.  The pages can be used as a reference guide to show how emotions can be turned into a connection with a power that lies inside to bring you a new world, full of wonder and excitement.  There are entries that show how to take negative thinking and turn them into a pathway towards a God of your understanding.  The author brings her own personal experiences into the book as examples of how the information can be used for understanding as we take a look into the spirit world.  It is written from three different perspectives with “I”, “You” and “We” being interchangeable throughout the book. The information that is written from the perspective of Something Greater is a gift to savior on our path towards finding the purpose inside. Emotions and thoughts are broken down to explain how the spirit world enters our experiences and short stories are followed to demonstrate how everything combines together to give us freedom as we learn how to take control of our thoughts.  We learn how the spirit world works inside the mind and how to view what we think and feel from a whole new perception. We are shown how knowledge is gained for wisdom and how the world around us speaks to us as messages.  This book answers questions about the spirit world that have been rejected throughout history and brings forth many more questions about what the spirit really is to us.  The magic of the rising of the sun and the beauty of the storms that surround us can be found within the pages and we are shown how we do not have to suffer with our thoughts any longer.  The author takes us out of our problems and places us on a pedelstal so we can take a different view of what is happening in our world.  The magnificence of who we are and why we are here is explained.  Even on the days that we do not like our self, we will find something in this book that will inspire us to crawl upon the pedalstel and see the beautiful world within the mind.  We are shown how to find a love within that no one can touch and everyone will want.  The information in this book will spread like a fire through the forest as we “wake up” to who we really are in this time period and we will understand how we are protected by an unseen force that covers the sky.  We learn how to join a level of consciousness in the mind to find happiness, the fire of joy and freedom to take control of our thoughts and feelings on the path towards a God of our understanding.

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