Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Making of the Moment

The day you remember the feelings behind the wind of winter or spring are the times you find that part of you that never changes.  The part that shines into the sun will bring you to a place inside that reminds you of who you always have been.  You will begin to play past events back in your mind and identify with what you felt inside.  The release of the pain for all your heartache will intertwine with the love you hold today.  The love will be found in the moment with each breath that you take.  As you heal from all this pain, a new beginning appears.  You will then realize that everything was building to bring you the gifts that were promised before you came here.  With each time you hold onto this knowledge, more gifts will appear.  Your faith in this process brings forth the thoughts and feelings that create your reality.  You will realize that you have freewill to allow any thoughts that enter your mind.  As you connect to the knowledge of a power that you find in a world you cannot see, it will begin to emerge in your reality.  The feather will appear when you pray for protection from the angels.  The symbols will come in your physical world through forms that will be surprising as you look for the meaning behind the squirrel that passes by.  You will find all events you see are reflections of a piece of yourself that shine for attention.  The rain will come when you feel the sadness for all you were inside.  Your interpretation of these events will vary from day to day.  You may find joy in seeing the sunrise one day and the next day it goes unnoticed. Each day brings you a part of awareness that emerges into your world.  You are in a time period that brings forth many levels of knowledge that want to come into your current state of consciousness.  This knowledge can be overwhelming as you try to cipher through what you can currently accept as real and what holds meaning for another day.  Your thoughts will make you question what the world around you means as you seek for understanding of who you are today.  As you seek for answers, the messages will be many.  All your life times have brought you to this current level of awareness and you will continue to take each event and combine them with the energy you hold today.  It is like the static in your hair as you see the hair rising from the unseen energy around you.  The spirit world is like the static that you do not see until you view the effects that it has on the rising of your hair.  Those of you who seek will find this world within the way you interpret the events that present them self to you within each moment that you see.  The spirit world lies in the moment behind the making of the moon.  The day you realize the magnitude of this task, you will know just how special the moment really is.  The planning that was done is like the crew behind the making of a movie.  You know what you really are inside.  You have a purpose that needs to be shown and your material things complicate the travels on your path to Something Greater.  You come here to be a part of the beauty that was created just for you and you are trying to bring your awareness of this Greatness into the physical dimension.  Something Greater planned this long ago.  As the director in a movie visualizes the plot in the scenes, so does Something Greater.  The day will present you with many ways to bring you to this awareness.  Your conscious state of existence is based upon what you want to bring out for yourself in the day.  You can take this awareness and do nothing as you sit within the corner of your mind.  The day you look towards the sky and know this all is for you will pull you out of the corner and make you want to know more.  A day will come when the veil will be lifted and you will see how together, the universe orchestrated the making of this moment.  Time becomes irrelevant as you look behind the veil yet see how the summer turns into the fall.  How the old makes room for the new.  There will come a time when this will not be needed and the flower will stay in bloom.  As you become more aware of this knowledge, the making of the moment is seen from a different place in your mind.  You will see the spirit world that brings the rays of the sunshine.  It will start as a feeling and turn into a thought and the window of desperation will open to this world.  The moment will become a connection as you take the knowledge of who you are and blend it with the air.  You will one day grasp the understanding that the path to Something Greater is found in your conscious level of existence that you connect to in an unseen world.



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