Wednesday, March 19, 2014

If You So Choose

It doesn’t matter what you look like or what your physical ailments are.  What matters are the thoughts that either shine your beauty or the thoughts that make you physically sick.  If you stop right where you are at this moment and listen to what is going on inside your head, you will find a world that brings you the reality of who you are.  Are you afraid? Are you angry? Are you capable of connecting, with a feeling at all?  Once you can identify with who you are inside, you can take any experience and turn it into a celebration within your mind.  Even if you are sick and think you are dying, you will find that you can take this moment and make it something new.  You can find one thing to be grateful for that can bring forth a loving feeling if you so choose.  No matter how much pain you hold, the universal law that love can heal will occur.  Even when you feel as though you just want to die, love will take these feelings and repair your wounds.  You know love heals, yet you sit in your thoughts of fear.  You say that you have no choices and find reasons to keep the fear that prevents you from healing.  The love is not for anyone else but you.  You are in a time period where you can heal yourself from the inside out if you so choose.  You can question this ability and you can block the opportunity to allow the knowledge that love will bring.  Take your fears and turn them into hope and faith of what love can bring you.  This is all about you and no one else.  It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you or how anyone feels about you.  It only matters what you feel and think of yourself.  As you learn how to find the love inside you, everyone else will want it too.  Take the fear that stops you from loving and know that no one can touch that part of you as the universal laws bring protection that trails behind the feeling of love.  You will find that all kinds of feelings trail after love just as all kinds of feelings trail after fear.  Each emotion will bring you thoughts that will bring forth your reality.  As you look out towards the crossroads within your mind, the awareness of what the emotion of love and the emotion of fear bring helps you make your choice of which path to choose.  Look towards the trail behind love and then look towards the trail of fear.  One path is full of light and the other is full of darkness.  You will notice that the further you go into the path of fear, the darker the path becomes.  You will notice that the further you go into the path of love, the brighter the path becomes.  As you learn that your awareness is constant, even when you no longer have this body, the path you want to travel changes in your mind.  As you begin to seek for understanding, you will find that each time you take a step onto the path of love or fear, your perspective of what is in front of your eyes will change.  You will walk through love and see the miracle of the rain that gives the trees nourishment. You will walk through fear and see the illusion of what the storms represent within your mind.  This is all about you and no one else.  What you see is what you think.  What you think is what you feel.  Love the moment if you so choose or run away in fear.  Take the time to see the beauty right within your mind.  Change the colors that you see throughout your day.  Open your eyes to a different view and you will find a love inside that has a trail of promises that will be seen all around you.  Even on the path of fear, love will shine inside and as you look through the darkness, the light of love will call to you.  Take the moment and see the light that shines back to you through the world around if you so choose.

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