Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Shield of Love

There will be times in our life when we will see changes and experience the emotions of anguish and pain because of the losses that come with these changes. On our search for the God of our understanding, we will be surprised to find that it was all necessary to bring us to today. All the energy is building into who you are becoming on your path towards the God of your understanding.  You may say that you do not need this power until the day you experience such anguish and pain that you have nothing else.  In desperation is where Something Greater lies.  The problems arise for some of you when you become comfortable with your thoughts.  You are here to work through the pocket of emotions that are preventing you from finding out who you really are.  All this pain and suffering is necessary for you to remember who you have always been and will always be.  Even after the emotions of anguish and desperation subside, your energy level changes.  You are now different inside and it will take each experience thereafter to bring this energy into your conscious state of existence.  With good intensions as you seek for love, the pain of yesterday turns into strength and courage for today.  There will come a day when you will understand how all this pain brought you to a level within your mind that you no longer need to suffer with your thoughts.  Events will continue to occur around you and you will see them from a different place within your mind.  You will reach a level of thoughts and emotions where only love lies and the healing will begin.  The move you experience love, the more you will chose love regardless of what is placed before you.  Even when others project negativity back to you, the shield of love will shine a light to change their level of emotions during time with you.  They may not even realize that they are receiving your thoughts of love.  The universal law that love heals will touch a part of them that will make them respond differently to you or turn away in anger as they experience discomfort because of the love you are trying to give them.  Either choice they make will be for their awakening or their spiral down into the darkness of loneliness within their own mind. The shield of love prevents their dark thoughts from entering into your space.  You will feel this power and how strong this shield is as you take each experience and consciously bring it out into the space in front of you.  The more aware you become of this ability, the more you will see how the world around you changes.  The once gloomy day turns into the beauty of the rainbow that shines out during the mixture of the rain and the sun within your mind.  This shield will bring the promises of love in return.  Even in the times that those we love intentionally say or do things to hurt us, the promises that come with the shield of love will project back to them and they will know that something is preventing you from being effected by their words or actions.  Each time you respond to others who project anger, hatred or vengeful behaviors or words towards you with the shield of love, they will have no choice but to lessen these type of responses towards you.  If your time with them results in abusive behavior, you must immediately remove yourself from the situation until you are physically safe.  If your time with them results in verbally abusive behavior, you must remove yourself from the situation until you are capable of setting healthy boundaries for yourself so you can continue on your path towards the God of your understanding.  Some of you have lost your way and have become angry and full of hatred.  The shield of love will remind you that you are lost and when it touches you, you will have to make a choice to fight against it or to surrender to it and recognize that Something Greater is at work as a calling inside will awaken you to who you really are.  Some of you are so full of fear that you will only hear the thoughts that make you think you cannot surrender to this feeling of love.  With anger and hatred, the shield of love will reflect an illusion of what is really occurring as these emotions cause confusion when mixed with love.  A battle within your mind will occur when this shield is up against such emotions as you are forced to identify with what you are thinking and feeling at that moment.  You are in a time period when you are experiencing many emotions all together as you work through life times of negative energy so you can build your conscious level of existence to remember who you are and will always be.  The shield of love can only be used to bring the light of truth into the experience as you seek for protection from dark thoughts that others may attempt to hurt you with.  Their darkness will shine into the light of this shield and the truth of their intentions will be seen.  Each time you use the shield of love, more truth will reflect into the relationships you hold until the day you are given the knowledge of who they really are to you.  Even in the relationships that may end badly, you will see how they gave you pieces of who you are today.  You may realize that the love you once held for them has turned into a sadness for who they really are as the shield shines the truth upon them.  The sadness will for yourself as you realize you no longer live with the illusion of who you once were in this relationship and you are no longer that person.  There will come a day when you will take this sadness and turn it into the strength and courage of who you are today for the relationships that are now in your life.  A time will come when you will take the shield of love to shine into all your experiences and will only receive love in return.

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