Wednesday, March 5, 2014


When our thoughts say one thing and our emotions another, we have choices.  We will remind our self that the spirit world, which is currently in their own battle, lies in the entry way of our mind between our thoughts and emotions as we seek for answers.  If we are not actively seeking for the connection to our creator, we are susceptible to many energy sources within our mind and within the world around us.  As we become more aware of our surroundings and how thoughts project out into our world, we will become conscious on a level that will generate at higher speeds.  It will feel like an intense merging within the mind. Things and people will seem to appear out of thin air.  There will be explanations for the occurrences but we will question how we thought of it first.  The more positive the thoughts, we will find more positive experiences.  As we seek for the connection to love, we will release all fear.  Putting total trust and faith in this process brings rewards that we cannot even put into our mind that will occur.  Our life will begin to change right before our eyes.  Everything will hold new meaning as we look into what our emotions say in comparison to our thoughts.  Sometimes the emotion will be more positive than the thought and vice versa.  As we “wake up” to this knowledge, we will begin to seek the most positive outcome based upon either going with the more positive emotion verses the negative thought or vice versa.  The higher we pulsate, the stronger connections we will have with the world around us.  Similar energy attracts and we will pull things and people into our world based upon what we think and feel.  No one will escape this type of experience as it is the natural process we all must go through to decide if we want to connect with a God of our understanding.  Time is irrelevant during this growth period and it is a universal law that was put into place prior to our arrival.  We will eventually hold only love or fear as we continue to make the choices and gain the energy from these sources which will ultimately provide us with the knowledge to create our reality.  We are aware yet not aware as we feel as though it is a dream state within our mind.  We want to know yet we don’t want to consciously think about it because that will be the day our veil may be lifted.  What does it mean and what do we do with this knowledge?  The feeling of love will not allow us to hold it for our self and the feeling of fear will not allow us to explore this unseen world.  Some of us are at a stale-mate within our mind and have the blind folds on, while others look out into the possibilities of these choices.  As we seek for the God of our understanding, we will push the fear out of the way and give it to this Source of All Creation as we allow Something Greater to use us as a tool for a plan that we cannot comprehend.  We will have to empty our mind of thought and emotion as we give all we hold inside to our creator that will replace all our fears with love as this was planned from the very beginning.  We are like the holes in a colander and as the spirit of all creation flows through us to continue on this path of creation, we each hold our own purpose.  We can choose to ignore this purpose until the day we realize Something Greater is talking to us in our world and we have these choices to make.  With each choice we make in our life, we get closer to this knowledge as we seek for understanding or we turn it away in fear of what this knowledge will mean to us if we allow the thoughts to emerge in our mind.  We will all hear the thoughts for these choices and they will carry out into our reality.  These choices bring forth the separation within our mind and ultimately into our world.  As we go forth in our current pocket of time, we will either deny the existence of our creator and bring it forth into the masses or we will surrender to the knowledge that we are on a pathway that has already been laid out for us before we became consciously aware of what this means to us.  As we play out the choices within our mind, we subconsciously play them out in our world.  As more of us become conscious of this knowledge and make our choice, the masses prepare for the battle to come in our reality.

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