Sunday, March 9, 2014


As our awareness grows, we will begin to identify the relevance of everything around us.  As we pull things and people into our life through our thoughts, we will become empowered by the verification of what we think and feel that emerges into our life.  We will not forget the times when we could not have one positive thought as we remember where we came from for the gratitude of who we are today as a result.  We will keep the memories of who we were so we can share who we have become because of our past.  We will become empowered by our new found knowledge that we can create our world inside our thoughts and we will feel as though we will burst to share it with others.  As we go back and forth in our mind and see the impact of negative thoughts verses positive thoughts, we will seek only love in attempts to keep the wonderful flow inside of us.  There may be times when we react to situations around us in a negative way and the effects within our world will be surprising as we strive to correct the negative thinking.  With each time we replace the negative thoughts with loving thoughts, the outcome will become more positive.  When we gain control of what thoughts we allow inside our mind, we become empowered to create our world right before our eyes.  The feel of love will burst from inside and the world around us will have to abide by the universal laws that Something Greater created to ensure that love is carried out as we think it into our world.  As we verbalize our needs and ask with loving intentions, it will be created in our reality.  Even those we love will be affected by our thoughts and they will not realize it.  We will begin to notice that the people we think about will be pulled into our world in ways that we will find difficult to articulate.  We will begin to see the symbolism of people in the world around us.  Even in the times that we are thinking about them through objects, experiences or words they will emerge into our reality.  Why did they call right when we thought about them?  The more we notice these occurrences, the more verification we will have that our thoughts are creating the world around us.  We will learn that there are no coincidences.  We will realize that we are creating our world with every thought that we hold in our mind. 

There will come a day when we will be able to hold only love and will not react to negative situations as we take our love and turn the experiences into a positive outcome.  We will begin to realize that we hold the power inside of us and we make our heaven in our world by taking all the negativity around us and turning it into something full of love.  Even in the situations that may show our vulnerability, we will realize that we are opening our self up for love so we can grow on our path to Something Greater.  There will come a day when we will identify love in all situations as we seek for the God of our understanding, regardless of other’s interpretations.  We will surrender to all that this feeling represents to us and we will realize that no one can make us feel or think anything that we do not allow inside of our mind.  The clarity will come as we only listen to the voice of love and we will know that each moment is made to carry this love out to our world.  The empowerment comes with the knowledge that Something Greater dwells inside and it is our responsibility to bring this power forth to others.  Some of us will demonstrate this power through action to help others, some of us will demonstrate this power through words to inspire others and all of us will seek every day for which path Something Greater wants us to travel on our quest to share all we hold inside that is a gift.  We will be instructed to give this gift to those who will accept and hold it for their own.

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