Monday, January 20, 2014

The Power of Love

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

There will be days when we will feel the spirit looking down on us and we will feel as though there are two levels of our perspective when looking at our world.  The new found knowledge that the universe is alive and we are a part of this miracle will bring us to the realization that we have a responsibility to others to share what is happening to us.  As we begin to experience how we feel during the day and how these feelings effect the flow of our day, we will see how the emotion of love manipulates the energy around us.  Love controls energy. Love is like a magnet.  With the feeling of love, we will see how everything falls into sync with our thoughts.  Love is the power behind all creation.  This emotion will provide the strength and motivation we will need to bring us to a new awareness.  If we look at the laws of negative verses positive energy, we know that if we put out negative energy, we will get it back, if we put out positive energy, we will get it back, love controls energy and the more love we give, the more love we will get back

When we get to this stage of development, it is important to remain humble and ensure that we share what we know.  Love is the fuel to our soul that feeds us and makes us hunger more.  Within the emotion of love we can heal, we can stop pain, we can forgive, we can accept, we can stop regretting, we can help others and we can obtain knowledge.

The biggest part of what this emotion will do for us is to teach us how to like our self.  Forgiving our self for all the regrets of all the things we did wrong in life will bring us to a new understanding about our self.  We will realize that every decision we made or did not make lead us to this moment.  We will begin to learn how to appreciate our self and all we went through to get here.  The parts of our life that are difficult right now are the parts that we are learning the most about how to love. To connect to Something Greater, we must experience love.


Shawn Michael Horvath said...

I am also Catechist Instructor and the Theme for my Thursday night class is on Love. Thanks for your Blog. It is very insightful and wonderful to know and read your work. This will be added to my curriculum. Thanks! From, Shawn Michael Horvath
Clergy Member: Coral Springs Medical Center

In the Mind of Something Greater said...

Thank you for sharing the information. I look forward to hearing everyone's response to my writing as the vessel for Something Greater.