Friday, January 17, 2014

The Awakening

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

We will begin to notice groups of people with the same emotions.  Everyone will congregate to their group for the awakening that will come inside each and everyone of us.  Those of us that run in fear and try to hide will see that we cannot hide from our self.  The Kingdom lies inside of us and all must understand what this means before the last sound of change.  Our planet is full of judgment, hatred, jealousy, anger and pain.  The masses are lost and our churches are separated with each believing that their way is the only way to find something greater.  Our time of looking to someone else for the answers is coming to an end.  We do not have to fear this awakening but many of us will not accept that it is really happening.  This will cause the separation that must occur.  We cannot have the light with the darkness as one.  Just like the day is separated from the night, those of us full of fear will run into the night.  The truth will shine into us all for the awakening.  We will understand that this is the beginning of the end and we each have our purpose for this union.  The groups are forming to prepare as the spirits fill our thoughts with confusion.  The spirits want to share what they know as well.  Each day will be different inside of us and each group we surround our self with will determine the type of spirits we will allow into our emotions that create our thoughts.  The spirits know all our thoughts and are watching for their moment to enter into our world.  We must imagine to create and our inspirations come from the spirits.  Do not look to your neighbor for the answers, now is the time to go inside of your self.  With our faith and patience, we will begin to see our reality change right before our eyes.  We will think thoughts, hear sounds and smell smells that will bring the spirit into our reality.  We will know we are not alone and that Something Greater is at work in our life.  The spirit will be present in all these things before we will be able to see the veil lift for the final call.  All will be revealed and we know inside that we are being prepared for this moment that will change our world and all we are becoming. 

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