Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Piece From: The Revelation

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

There once was a feeling that turned into a thought.  This feeling was full of love and the thought was full of fear.  The feeling called love came to the thought called fear and tried to surrender for the peace that is longed in such an emotion.  With each time the feeling tried to give the thought love, the thought of fear would not allow the love to shine through.  As the love and the fear tried to find a way to intertwine the two, the thought of fear burnt holes into the feeling of love as the love had to use a lot of light to shine into the darkness of fear.  The feeling of love became so wounded that the life of the love began to wither.  With nothing left but to surrender, the feeling of love let go of the thought of fear.  Standing alone, the love began to see a light that shown into the feeling that was never seen before.  This light healed the holes in the love and made it stronger than ever before.  As the love began to shine the light that was given so freely from above, the thought of fear became shadowed from so much light. 

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