Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thoughts and Emotions

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

Our thoughts come from our emotions.  Our emotions come from a presence that we are not consciously aware of at this time in history.  Emotions are the essence of who we are, where we come from, what is behind our intensions and what we believe is our reality. If we view the rain as being full of storms and miss the beauty behind the view, our energy level is compromised.  Our inability to "feel good" results in our thoughts becoming negative in nature.  When this occurs, our ability to connect with something greater is difficult because we need to "feel good" to "think good".  The combination of how we feel and what we think determines our connection to Something Greater.  If we have more emotions of a positive nature, our thoughts will surely follow.  We are consciously more aware of our thoughts and this is the area to change the negativity so it can trickle into our emotions.  There are days when both our emotions and thoughts are balanced either in a negative way or a positive way.  The more negative we become, the more susceptible we are to depression, to anger, to jealously and to fear.  The more positive we are, the more susceptible we are to love, to joy, to happiness and to laughter.  For those of us who have a balance of negativity, the presence of darkness and gloom emerges and it will open our emotions to thoughts that will come from a negative presence.  We will begin to see our reality as a fearful world with this negativity.  Some of us reach such a level of fear and pain that we hurt our self or others physically and emotionally.  This is the place where the knowledge comes from that some call evil.  It results in an experience that some religions call hell.  We can choose to take control of our thoughts first and the emotions will surely follow. As we become more balanced with positive thoughts and emotions, the connection to Something Greater can occur.


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