Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Building Our Kingdom

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

We are building our kingdom within our self on hope and faith of what is to come.  We need to look towards the part of our self that gives us the understanding of who we are and the knowledge of why we are here.  We have a gift to give to others as Something Greater teaches us how to find the love in giving.  Something Greater teaches us how to love our self and how to appreciate the beauty of who we are today.  This essence loves unconditionally and basks in the glory of our creation.  This power calls to us inside in attempts to help us recognize the beauty that we hold and to teach us how to let it shine out to others.  Like the sun that shines through the window, Something Greater shines through us out into the world.  The blending of this essence with our mind and body will bring periods of feeling like we are mixing the batter to bake a cake.  As we stir everything together and pour the mixture into our heart, it bakes into our soul.  Some of us may need to mix everything together for several life times until the moment comes when the knowledge seeps through all that makes us who we are today.  We will realize in an instance that Something Greater has always been with us as we have anticipated this moment since the beginning.  As we fight with our fears of this knowledge, the clarity shines inside.  The fire burns inside of us and will reflect in all we think and feel.  The wind will begin to talk to us as we realize that we bring the experiences to us for knowledge.  This essence will manifest into our reality through our thoughts and emotions.  It may appear as though the explanations are simple, but even the appearance of the stars in the sky will tell us that Something Greater is at work from behind the veil.  The appearance that there is a separation needs to occur just as the fire cannot burn in the water. To bring the essence of Something Greater into our world is a perfect process.  We need the seed to be firmly planted into the ground to grow into the flower just as we need to expand this essence into our mind and body.  We may have to go through several life times to reach the understanding that we are bringing this essence into our physical world.  Those of us who are physically sick have created our ailments in attempts to bring our fears to the surface as we seek for the pathway to our relationship with Something Greater.  Each of us are chosen for this task and we all will experience this awakening.

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