Thursday, January 23, 2014


** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

We are not replaceable.  Even when other people tell us that they do not want to be a part of our life, the experiences that made us who we are with that person will always hold a part inside of who we are and who we are becoming as a result of being with them.  They will experience the same thing.  The crossroads of relationships become confusing when we feel rejection.  The emotion will bring us to the lowest feeling of sadness mixed with anger as we try to defend our self.  These two emotions can be confusing as one takes the path of love and the other fear.  Sadness comes when we are ultimately changing something within our self for what we had that is now different.  Fear comes when we are not sure of what is to come.  When walking our path with these emotions, we must look at where we are at this moment.  There will be several types of thoughts that will come with the mixture of love and fear.  We are here to deal with our emotions and with each path that brings us back to love, we are one step closer to Something Greater.  If we choose the path of anger, which is fear, the results will be explosive.  If we take some time before we react with this anger, we will have an opportunity to look towards the little voice inside that guides us on this journey.  The knowledge will be given to those who will listen.  Some of us hold on to the fear of loneliness that will even make us think we are better off just hurting our self or someone else.  Some of us kill as a result.  When we follow the path of fear, our thoughts are full of darkness.  This darkness will cover us and we will not be able to gain the knowledge that we are not alone.  Our thoughts and emotions are where Something Greater lies and when we shut the window to our thoughts and only allow negative thinking, we begin to feel as though there are no choices.  With the feeling of hopelessness, we will seep down into the quick sand of anguish.  We will experience this feeling until we decide that we cannot live this way any longer. Desperation arises like the stormy clouds that cover the sun.   In our pocket of time, we have such intense emotions that our planet has become unbalanced.  The feeling that we are replaceable is the illusion our world has created that comes from the feeling of rejection.  With those of us who seek for love, this emotion of rejection should be viewed as another step to Greatness.

 As we recognize the emotion of rejection, we must take a closer look at what is happening in our life.  The feeling of needing control over another's thoughts and actions  brings the anger.  When we accept that they have their own journey and need to do what is good for them, we can take that acceptance and turn it into the knowledge that we are right where we are suppose to be on our journey through this thing called life.  We can release the fear and look inside for the knowledge of what Something Greater has for us.  We are unique and bring forth our own spark for creation.  We have freewill and can take that spark and make it anything we want.  We are still a part of Something Greater and must remember that even though we are all connected, we start as the little pedal on the flower of life.  We can then take the rejection and turn it into strength for our foundation inside.  With each time we feel rejected, we will become stronger with the knowledge that this emotion does not define who we are inside.  We will realize that we are not replaceable and the rejection is just another symbol of the change that is happening inside of us.  We will then take the sadness of this knowledge and turn it into the fire of joy with the choices we hold for this change  Each and everyone of us are the vessel to Greatness.

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