Monday, January 13, 2014


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Forgiveness comes when we realize that the times we have been wronged by others are also learning experiences for those who hurt us.  At the end of the day, we are left alone with who we are within our self and with what we represent to others.  When we think of those that have done things to us of a hurtful nature, we have choices as to how we should internalize the experience.  We will become the victim until we realize that the hurt can be turned into anger to protect our self.  As we build this energy in our mind, we come to a crossroads with our thoughts and emotions.  We have to assess what the intensions behind our actions were that resulted in this experience.  Once this has been sorted through, we then look at what the other person's intensions were in the situation.  We will then have to decide if we can continue a relationship with them and will need to understand that they have their own journey and did the best they could for their self at that time.  If they hurt us in ways that are physically or emotionally harmful, the separation must occur for our spiritual and mental growth.  If we continue to stay in this sort of relationship, we will eventually develop physical ailments as we internalize the pain.  Our body will react to the anxiety and fear.  If we remove our self from the situation, we will then  have the opportunity to gain strength so we can see what is good for our self and the healing can begin.  The longer we are away from the abusive relationship, we will begin to look at it differently.  It will be like seeing the moon through a telescope.  We will see details in the other person that will help us understand who they are and what their intensions are in the relationship.  The relationships that result in the other person intentionally trying to take away our right to grow will result in their own anguish as they will have their own demons to contend with on their journey.  Even when they appear to have moved on with their life, they will repeat the experiences over and over until they become so isolated from others that they either die alone or seek change.  As we realize that we have no control over that person's thoughts or actions, we will let go of the anger as we begin to experience a sadness in our mind for what this person is creating in their world.  We will then forgive for our self as compassion emerges. With compassion, we will begin to view our path from a different perspective and will seek the emotion of happiness for our self.  Happiness will be a product of the sorrow that will occur as we let go of what the relationship represented to us.  Each path will lead us to the same destination as the sorrow turns into the realization that we can love unconditionally and we will experience pride that we can feel such emotions on our journey through life.  The sorrow will come from our realization that we are grieving the loss of this relationship and all this person was to us that they are no longer. We are no longer who we were when we were with them.  Forgiveness gives us strength to heal and to accept who we are so we can appreciate our life.  Gratitude occurs as we see that all we went through brought  us to this moment.  Forgiveness seeps in like the rising of the sun and Something Greater appears in the middle of our thoughts to shine the light of knowledge for yet another step to enlightenment.

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