Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Little By Little

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

The days we feel as though we have nothing to live for and we do not matter to anyone around us are the days we must go inside our self and seek for Something Greater.  With all the desperation we hold inside as we seek for that spark of our true intensions, we will find the little voice that speaks into our thoughts little by little.  With each time we hear this voice, a piece of us will find Something Greater.  Little by little we will see this power inside us manifest into the world around us.  It will turn into spring time in our mind as we see the flowers bloom all around us.  The once gloomy day of storms will now reflect the growth that has occurred from such nourishment.  The rains will turn into sunshine and our thoughts and emotions will shine out for all to see.  Little by little the darkness that has followed us will turn into the eclipse of our heart.  When this occurs, our darkness will turn into the pathway for the light.  On the outer edges of this path will lie our fears of the unknown.  The things that could happen or the things that brought us to this awareness will reflect inside.  In this crossroads of our mind, we will reach for the light of hope that Something Greater represents as we long to choose this path.  Little by little the voice inside for guidance will get louder and we will begin to recognize the sound of change within us.  This sound  will vibrate into the world around us by our words and our actions.  We will turn into the butterfly that is bursting from the cocoon.  Little by little our path will get lighter and lighter and we will see less and less of the darkness that calls to us from the edges of our mind.  For those of us that are stuck in this darkness, it will take effort to seek the light.  Some of us say that there is no light, but the longing for Something Greater inside will be calling as that little voice called hope.  As we seek for the answers to this calling in other people, places and things, we will continue to walk in this darkness until the day we find that the path to Greatness is inside of us and not in the world.  Little by little we will seek for more and will be given a gift through the knowledge that Something Greater bestows upon us.  This knowledge will be given to those who continue to seek and little by little the change will occur.  As the morning sun rises and the darkness slowly disappears, the fear that we are alone will vanish as we get verification that Something Greater is within our thoughts and emotions each time the fear turns into hope that there is Something Greater in our life.  We will bask in the glory of this knowledge.  Little by little the rising sun will turn into the light that warms our thoughts from Something Greater.  Through the seasons of our life, our mind will experience the same.  With the knowledge that Something Greater is there, we will be guided on this journey through life and little by little we will take the steps to Greatness.

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