Monday, January 27, 2014

The Days of Light

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

As we walk along our path through life there will be days of darkness, days of dimness and days of lightness.  Each day will be different and as we seek for Something Greater, our reactions to each day will determine how much of Something Greater we bring into our life.  The days that are filled with darkness will be the times we must reach inside with the hope and faith that Something Greater is there.  These two principles will intertwine in our mind to bring the light that will shine into the darkness all around us. The gift of knowledge will be bestowed upon us through the dark days and we will take the knowledge and use it as a beacon in the night.  With our faith that turns into the knowing that Something Greater walks with us, our darkest days will turn into an opportunity to prove our faithfulness to this Greatness.  These will be the days that the universe will rejoice around us as the trials turn into justice through our truth that will come through the knowledge that Something Greater bestows upon us because of the promises given in the laws of the universe.  The darkness will then be seen as the opportunity to prove our self to Something Greater and the times we are full of anguish in the middle of the night will turn into the light of day through our truth that turns into justice.

The days that are dim will be the days we have the opportunity to take what light we hold and share it so we can gather more.   These will be the days that Something Greater will bring the gift of receiving from others.  We will learn in the dimness that if we ask for help, our own light shines brighter. Each time we ask,  the laws of the universe respond. Something Greater waits patiently for the days that we seek for guidance to take our little blinking light and turn it into the brightest light for all to see. The dimness will become the realization that we need others on this journey through life.

The days we are full of light are the days we share with others. These are the days we give back to help those who are full of darkness or who are blinking in the dimness just as others do for us on such days.  We will realize that the more we give, the more we will receive and we will become lighter for all to see on their own path to Something Greater. With each day we travel on our journey through life, we have  choices as to if we will walk in the darkness alone or if we will take the path that will give us the light from Something Greater.  For those of us who say there is no such light,  we will see the light in others that will reflect upon us. We will look into this crossroad within our mind and decide if we want to seek the light as well or if we want to continue on our path of darkness that leads us into the land of loneliness inside.  With each time we seek the light within our mind, we will hear the little voice inside that calls through the darkness for change.  With each one of us who seeks, we will turn the dark days into the light of the sun with the help from Something Greater.  We will take each day of light and share for all to enjoy.

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