Sunday, January 26, 2014


** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

There will be times in our life that we will have regrets for what we have done or said to someone else.  For those of us who do not experience this emotion, we are in denial of how our actions and words can effect others.  Without the emotion of  regret, we will not have change.  If we do not recognize the times we hurt others and think they deserve what pain they are experiencing as a result of something we said or did, we are stuck.  Our path to Something Greater will be full of weeds and we will be able to still walk along on our journey but we will clutter the path and the light will dim along our way.  If we do have the weeds from things we have done in our past, we must clear them so we can continue shining the light to Something Greater for guidance on our journey through life.  If left unattended, these weeds will grow up into the corners of our mind until we either call out for change or smother in our path.  We will have to take each one from the root and pluck it out.  The longer regrets sit in the weeds of our mind, the harder it is to vocalize our thoughts.  The more weeds we have, the darker we get.  There are some of us that have cluttered our mind with so many regrets that we cannot move at all.  Others get distorted thoughts as we go off the path toward Something Greater because we get lost in the weeds of regrets.  If we pluck the weeds out as soon as we recognize that they are there, we will not experience any delays along our way.  We will stop for the moment it takes to get rid of the weeds as we pull them up from the roots.  Some regrets will take longer than others to remove and it is important that every root is gone so we can continue on our path.  Speaking our truth into these past experiences will slowly take the weeds and turn them into flowers.  There will come a day when we will not have any roots to pull up from the weeds of regrets and the flowers will radiate the beauty that reflects all the hard work we have done by removing the weeds.  Regrets are opportunities to replace the weeds with the beauty that we receive from Something Greater.  As we seek more light through the corners of our mind, we will take our path to Something Greater and turn it into a magnificent view when we look around us.  Through the voice of truth, we will take the dark thoughts of our mind and turn them into the light for all to share.  The truth of our regrets will turn them from the stormy clouds in the sky into the beautiful morning sun that shine upon the snow.  The more we pull the regrets out of our life, the more we will take the path to Something Greater and turn it into the land of milk and honey.  With the regrets removed, we can then look at who we are today from a new perspective without the darkness of regrets in the shadows.  With the hope from Something Greater and the faith that Greatness is there, we can then surrender to this knowledge and we will realize that the regrets gave us the courage for change.

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