Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Gifts

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

The more we allow Something Greater into our life, the more knowledge we will obtain.  As we combine this knowledge with our current world, we will see the changes from the inside out.  We will notice the changes as we gain the courage to speak our truth.  As this action vibrates into the world around us, it will be like the sound that vibrates into the water.  We will begin to notice the strength that we gain as the laws of the universe respond.  We are promised that with the voice of truth, it will return to us in the form of a gift.  Sometimes we will recognize the gift instantly and sometimes we will notice that is was there all the time.  The gift may come as a thought, as a feeling, through another person, through an experience or even through a bird flying over head in the sky.  The gifts will begin to come in the feel of the wind upon our face and through the rain that drops upon our skin.  The rainbow in the sky will be for all to see, but we will know that it is for us as a reminder that we are seen by all the universe and the colors will radiate into our heart as the gift of glory that comes from Something Greater.  As the gifts become more noticeable, we will begin to recognize the strength that will rise up inside in the form of gratitude.  We will realize that the gifts that have been bestowed upon us were always calling out to be noticed.  The world around us becomes a wonderland as we see the butterfly appear just as we think about it.  Is it a coincidence we will ask or did it appear because we thought about it first?  Did the bird perch upon the fence to sing to us when we were seeking for Something Greater or was it there all the time?  The more we seek, the more we find and the gifts will turn into messages to guide us on our path to Something Greater.  The dragonfly will become symbolic of the transformation that is occurring inside of us.  The sun will now shine as  a calling through the rays that are seen even in the falling snow.  Some of us will question if these gifts that have turned into messages are really for us.  Some of us will not recognize them at all.  For those of us who choose to travel the path with Something Greater, we will hear the voice inside verify that what we see around us is a result of what we think it is and we will have the choice to acknowledge that it is from Something Greater and that these gifts and messages are there for the awakening on our path to Something Greater.

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