Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Fight Is Within Us

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

Do you look inside of yourself with fear that paralyzes you into doing nothing or do you now see you are the action for change?  No one else gives you the abilities that you hold.  If you do not feel what it is that you are to do, listen to you thoughts and feelings.  Those of us that say they only look at logic will not find the connection to Something Greater, it in our feelings that we must seek.  Those of us who are victims will not find the connection to Something Greater because their emotions overwhelm them.  It can be found in the balance of thoughts and emotions as we connect with the physical world around us.  We will find that as we become anchored we become prepared for what is coming.  We activate the knowing of Something Greater as we seek for answers.  What is this connection?  It is the energy that comes from outside of our self that brings us strength to seek something better in our life.  To seek love and happiness so we can radiate these feelings into the world around us for the betterment of our universe.  The fight between the darkness and the light becomes very real in our life.  Our every day tasks become a part of this fight.  We began to shine a light that slowly changes the darkness around us.  This darkness helps us see what it is that we must change for our awakening.  We will begin to look away from our anxiety and fear and we will eventually place these emotions outside of our self.  We will replace these emotions with the love we seek.  We will keep some of the negative emotions for balance until the day we do not need them at all.  We will experience emotions like anger and hatred less and less.  These emotions will turn into an understanding for why we needed them.  The fight is within our self, not others.  When we struggle with this knowledge,  we must remember that the world around us is a product of our thoughts that have transformed from our emotions.  When we look at our struggles from this perspective, we change all that surrounds us.  Something Greater speaks to us in our emotions to generate new thoughts.  Obedience is the key at this stage. The knowing that what we hear inside our mind is important for us and ultimately for our world.  We have been hearing and seeing the messages but we have not been able to understand what they mean.  Now is the time for our awakening.  The illusions will disappear and we will realize how important we are in this dimension.  All the pain and confusion turns into excitement for what we are becoming.  We will see the messages of what to do next all around us.  The calling is real and we will cry out with joy and anticipation.

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