Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Butterfly Named Believe

There once was a butterfly who lived in a cocoon called Believe.  It lived in the shadows of the sun.  It watched a bird through this cocoon that came every morning to get the worms in the dirt.  As the butterfly grew, the cocoon became smaller and smaller.  One day the bird noticed that a cocoon was there in the shadows and it flew around it in wonder.  The butterfly tried to say hello but it was too bound in it's home.  Each day the bird looked at the cocoon in wonder, the butterfly tried to say hello.  One day the butterfly got up the strength to move in the cocoon and it opened for all to see.  The bird was watching and became afraid.  As the butterfly struggled to say hello to the bird, the bird flew away in fear.  The butterfly was stuck in the cocoon and could not break free to find the bird.  Days went by with the butterfly trying desperately to get out of the cocoon. The day came when the bird became so curious that it went up to the cocoon and tried to really look at what it was.  The colors that reflected in the afternoon light from the butterfly’s wings were like nothing the bird had ever seen before  The butterfly had enough room to move in the cocoon that was now broken for all to see.  The butterfly yelled out to the bird for help.  As the bird got closer, not only did it see the colors of the butterfly, it saw the eyes that shined with hope that was filled with despair. The closer the bird got to the cocoon, the more beauty the bird saw.  As the bird listened, it could hear the butterfly ask for help.  Still full of fear, the bird’s curiosity got the better of him.  He had to know what this sound was that came from such a sight.  As he looked in wonderment, the butterfly became strong enough to break free from the cocoon and flew around the bird shouting out with joy.  The bird stood back in awe as the wings from the butterfly reflected in the sunlight.  As the bird became more mesmerized by the beauty of the butterfly, it forget why it was afraid to start out with.  As the butterfly looked into the bird’s eyes and saw the look of wonderment, it flew over to the bird and said, “I yelled for you through the corners of my cocoon for such a long time for help.  Your fear of me kept me hidden for so long.  With each time you came to me and became more curious, my need to be seen became stronger.  The first day you looked at me, I shouted out with joy to say hello.  With each time you came to me, my need to be seen made a hole in my cocoon.  The day you looked through the hole and saw me, my joy became so great that I was able to break free from my home that held me so tight for so long.  Now you can see the colors of my wings and hear the joy in my words.  Now you can see that I was not  to be feared at all.  Now we can become friends and fly together so I can show you what I know and you can show me what you know about the land around us”.  As the bird listened to the words that the butterfly spoke while flying around in the sunlight, the bird could not believe that something so hidden could be something so beautiful.  The bird called to the butterfly, “What is your name?”.  The butterfly stopped flying around and stood next to the bird that was now perched in the tree and said, “Believe”.


Desperado said...
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Desperado said...

This is truly amazing and inspiring! I am captured by the analogies all throughout this story - the need for others to see how wonderful we can be, if just given the chance - just beautiful!

In the Mind of Something Greater said...

This story was written with the Angels in mind. The butterfly is symbolic of the beauty in the spirit world that we all miss because of our fears.