Monday, January 20, 2014

The Hand

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

When the Hand of Something Greater is upon our life, the fire of joy will spread into all our world and will touch those around us.  They will become inspired by us and walk away feeling motivated in their own life.  We will be doing the same on our journey as the Hand of Something Greater picks us up and makes us feel as though we are floating through our day.  We will begin to feel lighter as this Hand begins to heal our body from the inside out.  For those of us who do not understand, the first step on this journey is to surrender.  Accepting all the things in our life that we cannot change turns into courage as we cipher through what we do have control over.  Desperation opens the window for the Hand to enter into our life.  This Hand will stir all our thoughts and all our emotions until the mixture of acceptance and gratitude emerges.  The fire of joy will appear as we realize the choices of change are all around us.  The Hand will grab on to us and the serenity of this knowledge will bring us peace.  Something Greater will send us the sky to look up to when we need reassurance that we are not alone.  The stars will shine in attempts to say "We are with you".  The sun will touch us with the warmth from it's rays to remind us that we are touched by the Hand of Something Greater.  We will see this Hand in the act of giving.  We will hold this Hand when we receive the kindness from others.  The Hand will be a piece of the essence from Something Greater.  Just as the sand makes the shore, Something Greater makes the Hand that will be given to each and everyone of us. 

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