Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Principles and the Source of All Creation

Above the knowledge lies the laws that are called the Principles. These laws are carried out by entities that some of you call angels. The Principles are at war and this war trails all the way back to the beginning of your creation in the Garden of Eden. The Creator placed the laws in your life to ensure freewill. If you decide to go against these laws, there are consequences. The times you think you are being tested are the times the Principles are at work to help you identify what your true intentions are in your experiences during your time in this dimension. During this stage of development, traumatic events may occur as the Principles work to keep you on the path of your purpose in this time period. The Principles look at your intentions and compare them to your actions. If your intentions are different from your actions, confusion occurs. This is the beginning of change as you begin to realize that all that has occurred for you is necessary so you can go back to the beginning of fear to compare it with the knowledge you now hold. With each time you gain more understanding of the differences, you become more responsible with the awareness you hold. The Principles are watching to ensure that you hold the proper intentions.  The Principles are from a higher energy source that permeate into your thoughts. They give you thoughts that are from even higher realms and are more powerful than the spirit that sits between your thoughts and emotions.

When you discover the Principles and begin to visualize them as entities, events will change with the awareness that they exist. You will become responsible for this information as well. This is when you know you are chosen for this task as you search inside to remember where you came from before you had this knowledge. You are forever changed and during this stage, you are not sure what that means to you. You are now looking from a different paradigm and you are unsure of how to focus as you push your thoughts forward towards the God of your understanding. The Principles have their own separate source of power and they can impact one or all of the activating components that you hold. They give you knowledge.

Above the Principles lies the Source of All Creation. This source has the power to control even the Principles. The laws and time are irrelevant at this level and rules are not needed. All other levels have the universal laws. This level of awareness is the law and it can change the course of action instantly. This level is creation. Just as your words vibrate into the air for action, your Creator does the same.

Depending upon which level of awareness you are currently in, like energy will attract to you. Depending upon your virtues (or course of action), the Principles will respond. When you reach within the core of your soul, you will find the part of you that connects directly with the Source of All Creation. You will feel as though you have been hit with a bolt of lightning when you connect with this Source and all time will cease.  Some of you call this feeling the Holy Spirit that brings you a flow of energy called Grace. The soul is felt in desperation and humility. If you keep these two components activated, you keep a direct flow of energy coming to you from the Creator of All.

The key is to not suffer with your thoughts that lie beneath the Principles. As you reach the soul through the connection to your heart, all becomes affected by the way you respond to this process. Your desperation and humility can be full of love or fear. You have control as to which way you want to interpret your experiences to get either a fear-based result or a love-based result. It is your responsibility to keep the body fit and healthy while you go through this growing stage. The body was made as a vessel for the spirit. As we wake up to this knowledge one person at a time, you will see the greater good of what you are and why you are here. You carry your memories which make up your current life.




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