Tuesday, December 5, 2017


The conscious effort of seeking for this world first in your thoughts will bring magic into the moment. Even if you do not believe in this world and you make a conscious effort to seek for something to bring you out of anguish, something will appear within your journey through the day that will tell you that you are heard in the universe. At first you will question if what you experience is coincidences and then a feeling of desperation will bring the need to grab on to the thought that you are not alone. The humility that you are nothing without the thought that there is Something Greater will bring you hope because of such thoughts. The activation of these three components will bring forth the thought that Something Greater brought these moments to you. You will then like the feelings that come along with such thoughts and the process of awaking occurs.

With each thought that appears in a song, someone’s smile, a picture and even in the rain, you will begin to like the thoughts you hold. As you crawl out of the fear-based thoughts into the hope of Something Greater you must consciously decide if you want to continue to believe in this unseen world and the thought that you are being heard. The voice will speak inside your thoughts and the sounds will echo. Then the day will appear that you will know this world speaks to you and you will then have activated the component called faith. The faith you obtain in this stage of development will be like the morning dew that lifts in the rays of the sun. It will be a process that you will experience and will not see. You will not wake up and say “There it is”. You will build into a mixture that will set the foundation of your belief system.

 These components will bring you to a place within yourself where you will feel strong inside as the mixture brings forth your morals. With each decision you begin to make, this new belief system will add to your morals and the flow will then change all the other components. The impact this new belief system will have on your morals will be two-fold. Your foundation will then be different and the morals that sit above your belief system will seep into your virtues. This process will be like the lava in a volcano.

Your virtues will be the action you will take because of your morals. As your beliefs change, this new system will begin to build up inside of your morals and this combination of energy will have only one option. The energy force will become strong; it will sprinkle into your virtues. You will see the reaction in your world as the virtues cover all you do. As you continue to take this new belief system out into your world, the new thoughts will reflect what you see in your world. This will be a result of your new virtues that will stream all the way back to the desperation that started the whole process to begin with. The thoughts will come because of what you see and as you take these thoughts out into your world, your intentions will sparkle for all to see. This process will be flowing through you and the flow of change will come with more knowledge if you keep the thoughts consistent.

 The only way to obtain more knowledge is to give information to others that you receive to keep the flow of energy going through you. The knowledge is a product of the Grace that the Holy Spirit bestows upon you. For some of you the Source of All Creation will direct the power of the Holy Spirit and energy will be projected to those that are deemed ready for such a powerful connection. All the components will be activated. The power of Grace will bring forth a force that will make you feel as though you could burst out of your body.

The feeling of love will flow through your body when you feel touched by Grace. This power will change you instantly. All will experience it as they prepare for their awakening. The universe watches as the Source of All Creation comes to each of you in only the way you can understand. Some will be able to take this source out into their world to share. Some of you will keep it to yourself with the fear that it will be taken away. Others will think they have gone insane. This power will touch every conscious flame of life that sits inside the form your dimension has created called the body. What you do with this power will determine the fate of your planet. You are awakening and the level of the source you bring into your awareness will create or destroy with each decision you make thereafter. It is the natural order of creation and the fear holds many of you that are sleep walking through your day. You see what is on your list for tomorrow and this period of anxiety overwhelms you. You feel the battle in your thoughts with each thing you are to do or with each thing you are not supposed to do that you do anyway.

There will come a day when the air will become so thick that you will have no choice but to look inside yourself for understanding. You will notice a higher sense of awareness that surrounds you. It will not be something you can see, it comes from within you as the spirit intertwines with all your affairs. You will feel as though you are being watched yet long for more of this presence. You will start to have conversations with yourself and you will realize that information is being exchanged in your experiences throughout the day. You will begin to understand how the spirit comes into your conscious state of existence to share the moment with you. You will be explaining what you know and the spirit will intertwine what knowledge you can comprehend to pull you above all you do in the day.

 A.     The Mixture

Those that are awakening will feel different but everything will be the same in the outside world. You will question your sanity as you wake up one day and feel like you are connected to the very core of your being and other days you will feel despair at the idea that your thoughts are meaningless in the overall picture of such a vast universe. You will question if you even have a purpose. This stage of development will be a time to go within your consciousness as you find others do not understand when you try to share your experiences. This will be a period of temperance when all your essence is evolving into the next level of awareness. The mixture of your new awareness will be two-fold. You will be different inside and will bring forth this new mixture out into your world. The uncertainty will not blend well with those around you that know who you were before the discovery of Something Greater. Much resistance will be in the air with those you love. How do you now believe that the spirit lies around you when you were once in such anguish? The process of enlightenment comes not through one event that changes you. Even those who felt as though a bolt of lightning hit their very soul struggle with the everyday tasks that are expected of them. The task of bringing this unseen world out into your every thought takes great effort for everyone who is in human form.

B.      Death

All will assimilate their very essence into this dimension until the day the body goes back to the earth in which it came from. The fear of having no form to identify yourself with has even caused uncertainty in the most enlightened during their time in human form.

The thoughts that there is Something Greater will make you question why you must die and why are you here to begin with? As the universe expands to one day contract back into ONE, so shall your consciousness as you experience the spirit in human form.

The school ground of life will bring you many opportunities for spiritual growth. You can take the lessons of life and turn them into a flow for enlightenment or you can flunk what you call tests and repeat the same subject life-time after life-time until you consciously become aware of what you keep repeating so you can graduate from the current form called human. The fear holds your thoughts that you are nothing without this body until you proceed past this fear. The shedding of your fears will be like the layers of an onion. The more you peel the fears away, the closer you get to the soul.

When all the fears are removed, the soul will shine with a pure connection to the Source of All Creation. Just as the universe intertwines the darkness and the light to create, so do you.
The more desperation you hold, the further you can expand your knowledge for creation. The core of your soul requires the desperation to bring forth the fire to expand out into your world. That is the perfect order of the universe.

There will come a day when all the fear will disappear and you will shine like the morning sun. With enlightenment comes peace that will shine into all your fears and just as the sun brings the day, the peace will bring the light for change. The peace will shine into your fears and the light will cast onto those fears. You will then see your fears in the light that will surround any fear you hold. There will come a day that even the shadows of these fears will be gone and even death will be a glorious occasion for the transition into total awareness. The body holds you into form and will be a vehicle for the growth through this process. Very few of you will understand this process as the information will be given to those who are ready for such growth.  Just as your caterpillar transforms into the butterfly, so shall you transform into total awareness. What does that mean you ask? It is like growing from an infant into the elderly.

As your awareness grows for that glorious day of awakening many events will occur for you. It will be a time of great and fearful events. The spirit of fear will cast doubt on you and this spirit is very strong.

 “And afterward, I will pour out my spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my spirit in those days. I will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and bellows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.” Joel 2:28-31

The fear you hold will turn even the view of a beautiful sun into the darkness that lies inside of you. The inside of who you are will be turned into the outside for all to see. How do you turn the fear into the joy forever more? Once you have the knowledge you must make the choice as you discover the kingdom inside of you. The universe will rejoice as you fight the fears that keep you bound in the form you have created. As you grasp for understanding with each breath you take, the flame will ignite with the ONE spirit and all will rejoice as you then appreciate the magnificent of this form you call human. You will then see the moment for all eternity to create while you are in this body and share the knowledge for all universes.

C.      The Moment

The events that will occur as you live within the moment to share with all will bring forth the ever-evolving knowledge of what your time in this body is to bring. As you intertwine the spirit with your thoughts and bring this unseen world out into this dimension, it will pour over into all who blend into this mixture. The flow of change will pour out into your planet and seep into the universe forever more. The ripple effect will be like the rock that is thrown into the middle of a lake and all that stand on the shore will be impacted by this flow that starts inside of you.


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