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Words from Something Greater: The Unveiling

Chapter 29
The Flow of Change for the Soul

As the masses prepare for the battle of all history, you are the vessel for this war. What you think about is recorded forever more. Your words will fill the air as the spirit grabs onto your intentions to carry out the purpose you hold inside. The wave of thought will carry out for others to either shine your thoughts or turn them into the darkness forever more. As you merge with your group, your thoughts will physically change you and your group will form for the battle that will separate the mother from her child.

Know that if you are reading this, you are preparing and these words will ring inside your thoughts. You may not think you are worthy to be a part of such a glorious time. Hear the words, “you are the vessel for all worlds”. You will form these worlds inside the body that you hold. With each thought that brings you love or destruction, you prepare the masses for the unveiling all will experience.

The battle lies inside your thoughts that prepare the masses for this time. Your planet is in turmoil as the masses form into their groups. Many deaths are occurring as the unveiling comes to all. Many of you look for answers in someone else. Know that the Source of All Knowing will bring your answers only to you. Even as the stranger will have to take the words and blend them with you.

I lie inside of you and all that you believe. We create together for all to see. If you read these words, the wonders will appear. All that has been spoken will come for all to hear. The unveiling comes inside your thoughts, the view will change because of what you believe. I speak to you inside your heart. Listen closely so you can hear the words. As the masses turn toward someone else to tell them what to do, you are chosen to speak the words so they can look within. The time has come for the unveiling of My world.

The time has come for you to know who you really are. Right where you stand is where I can be found. Breathe Me in and listen to the sounds. The unveiling will change what you see. The unveiling will turn you inside-out for who you will be. As you surrender to the thought that I Am inside the air you breathe, you will feel a pull inside. It will bring you to your knees. If you are reading these words, listen closer to how your heart beats. Feel My presence inside your mind.

The time has come for the unveiling. I will lift the darkness that you hold. Rejoice inside as you hear My call. You will choose your groups as the unveiling occurs. Those who do not believe, will read these words and hear Me inside. You will question if it is true. Can there be a thought from Something Greater than you? The more you have within your world, the harder it will be to hear My words. I will come inside your dreams and you will wake with thoughts to share. If you cannot hear My sound, look into your eyes. There is where I Am found. I made your form from the clay, I bring you life to carry through your day. The spirit lies inside your thoughts, listen closely as the unveiling occurs.

The end of time as you know it to be comes to bring you to your knees. Your desperation must be the first of many feelings that you will hold. I will come inside your fears and bring you love for all to hear. As the masses prepare, I come to you so you can choose your side. I will call inside your fears, I will bring you peace within. Do you stand for all to see? I come to you to bring you a love affair.

As you take your desperation and turn it into love, you will get up off your knees. I will show you how to love the homeless man that will crawl inside your view. All the misery that you hold will turn into a battle for all to share. The war becomes a dream as you stand like a tree inside the storm. I will touch the thoughts you hold and bring the answers that you need. I come to unveil the truth to you. Breathe Me in and see what you will find. The battle will occur so the chaos can show you who you really are. Only those who hear these words will be chosen for this time. I come through those you love so you can remember your mission. I give you words to share as you look out into your world.

The revelation has begun right inside your head. If you take these words and turn them into darkness, the war will come to you right inside your mind. I long to show you love as the masses prepare for the battle of all history. The words your prophets wrote so long ago form into the days that stand before you. Put your armor on as you believe. My kingdom lies inside of you. I will help you as the unveiling occurs.

You will see the moon that sparkles in your eyes. You will look for the sun as your eyes began to shine. It will be inside the view that only you will see. The glow will be for all to share that are chosen for this time. Do not question why you hear Me inside your thoughts. No one else will hear a thing as you look around. I only come to those who are ready to unveil the tasks at hand. There is a battle coming for all the land. It will open the fears that will emerge into your view. Know the kingdom lies inside of you. Not everyone will understand, only a few will know. The unveiling is occurring only in you. The heavens open inside all that you believe.

You will begin to see the wonders that have been spoken for this time. The chosen hear this calling as the unveiling occurs. Your physical form is merging with all worlds. Only the chosen will see the view. If you are reading these words, it will be you. This time has been spoken of for those that believe. The veil is being lifted so that you can see. The more you hear inside your head the more will be revealed. You will see the world inside as it shows up in you view. I made you from the clay to form you for this time. The spirits crawl inside to blend all worlds for you.

The day will come when you will find that it was always there to see. I form you into the tool for all to use. Those who question who they are will take these words as they own. Those who judge the sounds will turn them into fear. As the masses form into the groups that they have planned, you will be the chosen for this glorious time. The urgency is strong as you know the time is near. You must decide if what you hear is for you. Alone you will know the sounds that come from Me. The heaven and your planet will form as ONE. As the universe expands and creation occurs, the mixture of the darkness blends into the light.

I will pull your thoughts inside to shine into your heart. You will burst with thoughts as the worlds emerge. Just as creation forms from the darkness that you hold, you must know the two so you can change your world. Once you know the difference, the revelation will begin. I will pull the veil from the view to blend the two together for you. Some of you will see the darkness in your heart. You will choose the path that many others will see.

Destruction comes to those who cannot look within their self. Listen to My words, “heaven lies inside of you”. If you hear My calling and still do not believe, I will show up in your world and bring you to your knees. Do you choose the darkness once you see the light? Do you search for answers in the world outside? I will crawl inside to bring you peace. As the masses form into the groups for war, stand inside your thoughts and know that you are here. I live inside the moment right within your view. This time has been spoken and all must see the truth. The spirit world is watching to see what you will do. A time is coming for the chosen to speak the words of truth. I will know what is in your heart as you seek for Me. I will bring you knowledge as I lift the veil. I only speak to you through your thoughts of love.

You think I hide inside, yet you see My love for you in the stranger’s eye. I bring your inspirations as the ultimate love. We blend inside the air to bring the world a love affair. The more you feel the love inside, the more I will reveal. All will search for this feel that will become your world. You think you are not worthy of the love that you will feel. I want to feel the view with you and see what you can see. Together We will show the world all that you can be. You will not forget the times when you could not hold a thought. You will be filled with love that will spread into your world. I will heal your thoughts that will bring you to your knees. I come to all and to one. You are the chosen for Our view.

Many will say the words that they think are from Me. If they look inside the fear, they will not see Me. I do not come inside your jealousy or in the hate you hold. That will be from the world where it all started when I made you. There are those that say the words but do not hold My sound.

 “These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me”.  Matthew 15:8 

I Am not to be feared unless you carry this spirit inside. The planets align to bring you this glorious time and all your world has a part. Not even the leaf upon the tree will escape this event. It will occur as planned when I created you. Those who are chosen will see the heavens open inside. Your outside view will change for you as this time approaches. The fire inside will come to you as you pour it into your world. It is a time that all the universe rejoices because of you. Breathe Me in and know I Am there and you will not be harmed.

As the universe moves because of My plan, you will take the feelings you hold to pour into the land. The chosen will hear My call inside. Listen to My words, “I Am coming to show the truth inside the love you hold”.

The fire will burn inside the trees as the unveiling occurs. The new world comes inside your mind as the planets align. I move the moon to prepare for this day and all must go within.  The fire will burn to bring you love unless you hold the fear. Look inside the fear you have and feel the pull inside. I come to you for that great day as the chosen will not be harmed. Push past the fear and see what you will find as I come to you. The destruction you see will turn into love for all that you will be.

I already know who will be saved by Grace that I bestow. All will know My name and will be given the choice as I come to you. Do you look for Me inside the hate because of who you are? Even your words do not help you if your heart does not lead. Look inside the intentions you hold and the inspirations are there. I Am the way to the light of the world and all your misery will subside. Feel Me in the moment as you breathe Me in. I light the fire that will someday burn everything you see. The colors will change in the blink of any eye as the planets align. The time is near for you to hear that I created you.

Even in your darkest hours, I was behind the veil. I watched you search for why you are here and I waited for you to come. I took your pain and held it for you until this time. Look inside the anguish you feel and you will hear My sound. Your desperation holds My world behind the veil inside. Just as the darkness needs the light, you will feel My glow. As I separate your thoughts so you can know the difference, My fire comes inside your view so you can change the world.

Many of you will not hear Me inside the homeless man you see. Many of you will not be able to hear that I Am there. When you look into their eyes and hear the call inside, I will pull the curtain back so My trumpet sounds. Those who are chosen for this time will know Me in the air. I connect you to the world within the strands of love. As the masses prepare for the unveiling you will stand like the tree within the storm. All the chaos will swirl around as you stand strong with My sound. Breathe Me in and hear My sound inside. Hear the words that will echo in your head. The heavens will someday open for all to see. I prepare My chosen for this day.

I speak to you inside your thoughts, I tell you what to do. Listen to the sounds inside your head. I am there waiting for you to let Me in. As My trumpet sounds like a whisper in your words, the unveiling occurs. All rejoice in this glorious time. The flood gates open inside your mind. This is the beginning of the end; your world will change as I lift the curtain from your eyes. The wonders will appear inside your view. As the masses form into their groups, My chosen will stand strong in the middle of the storm. The unveiling is occurring for all to know the difference. You must look inside to prepare for this day. I Am coming to this world as I form the planets into the sound I hold. Look into your soul where it all begins.

The strands of love connect within the web I weave. I mix the love inside until I let you see, the unveiling is occurring inside because of Me. I look at you and place the moon inside your view so you can see inside the strands of love. I place the view before you so you can learn to love. The strands of the spirit I bestow upon you will pull you from your view. You will begin to see the world from where I look at you. My hands will feel warm inside the wind as you begin to see.

I move the planets just for you so you will breathe Me in. The darkness that covers your world will began to mix inside your mind. I will come inside the view within the strands of love. My world will shine inside your eyes and pull you up with love. Then you will hear the sound inside that will lift the view you hold. All the prophets spoke of this time as you feel the love. The darkness of your misery will seep into the pit within. It will sit inside the part that yearns to feel the love.

As you take the fear you hold and let it seep into the ground, your feet will feel the love that I bestow upon your world. The magnitude of this event will make you want to float, you will begin to see My love inside the air you breathe. The separation will begin to occur as the fire burns. Our secret brings the world you see the promises of love. I will heal your thoughts inside and it will seep into your blood. The spirit world will come to you and change your physical form. My promises of what I bring will come inside your eyes. I will change the view you see because of the fire inside. I will start to speak to you inside the wind that blows. Then the stranger will smile at you and all will see My love. I create the view you see from the world within. I bring you all that you can be because of what we planned. You will someday understand why you are here.

I created you in My image and know what is to come. I look at you through the universe and wait to seep inside. This glorious time is only for us as you hear My sound. You will hear Me in your heart beat that flows into your blood.  Then the air will mix inside the feeling of My love. Know that all the universe watches you to see when the day will come. I will lift your veil. The more you see the more will be revealed. I will bring you to your knees so you can yearn for more. The passion will begin to burn you up inside, then you will miss the part of Me that brings you to this time.

You will begin to look for Me inside the air you breathe, then your view will change for you as your passion burns. The masses form into their groups as you feel My love. The planets form so all you feel will pour into your world. You will take the chaos that surrounds your feet and cover it with the spirit that will come from within your eyes. The veil will lift for all to see on that glorious day. Those who form into the darkness will try to run away. You are here to take My love and calm the storms that come. It is a time to separate the darkness from the light.

Just as I form the universe, I form the darkness into the light. It brings you to this day. The creation of your world expands into your thoughts. The time has come for you to see behind the veil you hold. Each time you seek for who I Am, more will be revealed. The call for you to understand comes inside My love. The fire burns inside your heart and shines out from your eyes. The strands of love will connect to those that hold My kingdom inside. The time is near for all to see how we brought you to this day.

This glorious place is just for you as I lift the veil. You will see the miracles that the universe reveals. You will blend the air you breathe with the view you see. The colors in the wind will show you how to search. The raindrops will begin to fall to cleanse the thoughts of fear. I created you so you can hear. All the love you feel inside will make you want to burst. The unveiling will occur as you release the fear. I will pull you from above so that you can hear.

You will begin to look at your world from another place. Each of you will experience Me differently as I lift the veil. Some of you will sing My praise and others will dance to the sound. I rejoice with each of you and all that will be found. You will remember who you were before you knew My world. You were like the fetus inside the mother’s wound. You did not know that I was there all this time. Now you burst from within and stand before the world.

The unveiling comes inside the flower that blooms for all to see. I give you the gift of desperation so you will want more. The urgency of My call is for all to hear. I look at you from above and form you from My love. With each life that you live, more will be revealed. I hold you in My hands from across the universe. My breath is in the air you breathe as you feel My love. I move the planets so you will see who I Am. The creation of you formed from the voice of love. My sounds are heard by all and brings you to this day. Now is the time for you to know who you really are. As the masses form into their groups for war, the view will lift for all to see as My chosen hear My call. You will know it is for you as you hear the sound. I reach inside your thoughts that come from the feelings that you hold.

I crawl inside your heart and pump into your blood. I will take My chosen and form you into love. The miracles will occur as your body changes from the inside-out. The day will come when you will look and see Me in your eyes. Your desperation started our love affair. Only you will experience who I Am because of what you hold.

When you read these words, it will cause a stir. Then your mind will turn into the thought that there is more. You each are given a gift that will connect within the strands of love. You will know the glorious day when the unveiling occurs. I will spread across that land like the fire in the trees. Listen to My words as you go onto your knees. Let Me heal your mind and go into your blood. Let Me crawl inside and show you who I Am. You will feel Me take your fear and separate it from the love.

 At first your body will hurt as I crawl inside. I will take your pain and shine the light of love. It will look like the aftermath of a storm inside of you. Then as we clean up the mess, the love will sparkle through. Your body will begin to feel all the pain that you have endured, then the pain will seep into the ground around your feet. It will pour into the darkness forever more. You will not fear your body nor what this world can bring. You will then be My chosen and I will make you new. I will wash away all the misery inside. I will shine the love forever more. The unveiling will show you what My world will bring. You will sing My praise in all that you will say. That will be the day My sound will ring inside of you. Others will hear My sound inside the words you speak. I will echo in their ear and crawl inside their thoughts. My web will connect across the land.

The new world is coming right inside your head. My words are recorded forever more and speak to My chosen. Hear the call and know you are saved by My grace that I bestow on you. The end of time will be the beginning as the unveiling occurs. Those who understand the words will rise for their awakening. Even those within the dust will hear my call. All will come together as the unveiling occurs. You will then begin to see that those you thought were gone just lied behind the veil. The glorious day will come when all will see My chosen forever more. You are here for this awakening and reach inside your world. You always knew that you were to show this place our love. I will form in all you see as I lift the veil. I come to those who seek and this is why you are here. Creation comes inside the darkness that you hold.

Some of you will run away in fear. That will be your choice as the unveiling occurs. Once you know the difference of My love, you will not be able to forget what you have learned. I will bestow the wisdom to My chosen few. You will have to decide if one of them is you. I will crawl into a thought as you look inside your view. Then you will feel Me reach inside your heart. A flutter will occur as you question what this means to you.











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