Friday, December 15, 2017

The Purpose

Chapter 1

This book is to help prepare the ones who believe in Something Greater.  As the masses build into the two groups of love and destruction, the two groups will explode into the war of all history. It will build in the individual thoughts that will separate even the mother from her child. The anguish that the masses are experiencing will permeate into everyone’s thoughts as planned. It is important to remember that you planned this time to experience this occasion.  As you process this knowledge, look into your eyes so you can say it to yourself. These words written will one day be your saving grace for the masses that play this planned event out. As the thought of this seeps into your mind, remember you have this book in your hands for a reason. From the beginning the thoughts have been building to this time period as it will always be: 

These words are used to activate the warrior inside of you on your quest for Greatness. Each of you came here to give this time period the part of Greatness you hold. Do not look into the world until you understand what you hold. If you go within yourself to see who you are, it will trail all the way back to the beginning thought. Once you grasp onto this task, the knowledge will seep into your mind so you can understand what is to happen next. Do not look for others to provide your answers. They may be trying to do the same thing. The planets are aligning to bring to you the energy that you need to get the answers you seek. You feel it now yet look away in hopes that it will not show up another day. You will one day be forced to reach inside your desperation to find this Source of All Knowing. Those who are in this desperation will open the part inside of them that will pour so much knowledge in that they must compose their selves so others do not think they have stepped into insanity.

Those of you who think you are mentally ill have become confused with what this gift means to you. You will feel it stir with these words. At first you will become annoyed and say that you cannot allow such thoughts to enter your mind. Then you will question if the writer has stepped into insanity. The belief in Something Greater will make you want to search, regardless of how absurd it all may sound.

As more is viewed in the masses, it will come to you as the sorrow emerges. The sorrow will become so great that only looking within will keep you from self-destruction. The heartache will be excessive until you see the greater good of the experiences you are having in this time. Those who have been oppressed from generation to generation will transform their desperation that will bring forth the knowledge that you are standing right here to receive the Grace that is bestowed upon you if you so choose. These words activate the question if it is possible and then the reality will emerge that there is a purpose to all this. The flood gates will open in your thoughts and a presence will emerge all around you. The relationship will seem unreal at first and as acceptance emerges because you have nothing else, the flow of change will occur. The greater good of your desperation will show you that you experienced it from the beginning to know the difference. It was always supposed to be this way and until you accept this knowledge, you will not be able to move forward. You came here to find your true purpose.

Some of you are becoming physically sick because you are unable to connect to this knowledge that comes from an unseen world. Your fear blocks you as you listen to those around you that tell you how you should direct your thoughts. The turmoil will come as you attempt to find meaning in this new-found information that may go against all the core beliefs you have been taught throughout your life time. Those who do not believe in anything other than what they have been taught will have a difficult time allowing new ideas to seep inside their minds.

The thoughts will begin to manifest as the masses prepare for this battle and as each individual thought confirms that this war is going to happen. No one knows when this will occur as all anticipate what has been promised from the beginning. You will gradually come into awareness of this period like the wind that blows onto your face. You will be given tasks that you will not understand and you will argue with yourself as you attempt to interpret the messages that will come. The signs and wonders will be for your interpretation as the God of your understanding begins to reveal what lies behind the veil.

You will at first think that these thoughts are a test to see if you are worthy of such a responsibility. Love will pour into you with the knowledge that you were only gaining the awareness you were always loved. You were only bringing this information out into your reality through each thought that gives you a new understanding of why you are here.

You will be given the understanding of your mission when you are consciously ready. You will be given your responsibilities as the masses prepare for this battle that starts inside of you. People will be placed in your path for clues as to what you are to prepare for next. The unseen world will begin to permeate the corners of your mind and then you will begin to see sights before you that no one else will see. You will begin to recognize this world within the shadows of the light and all will begin to sparkle in the corners of you eye-sight. A feeling will come over you that a presence is above the room and all the sounds will become faint. The more you allow the thoughts that something is there, the more you will see. The feeling of peace will consume you as you begin to realize this world is speaking to you alone.

The uncertainty of who you are will come from the inability to maintain a conscious flow within your thoughts that there is Something Greater. It will take a conscious effort each day to keep the awareness of this world in the forefront of your mind. During this phase of development, you will need to carry something to remind you of the faith in this unseen world. Some people carry crosses or stars for example. Your words will be of the upmost importance when interacting with others. You are held responsible for your words and your intentions will be the force behind the words that will impact the experiences that will come forth into your reality.

Intentions = Thoughts=Words=Reality

Your intentions create your thoughts that create your words. Above your intentions lie the essence from all your past. Your knowledge is limited until the day you connect with the thought that there is Something Greater. This period of development will be determined by the intentions you hold. You will need to know what your intentions are as you seek for the meaning from this Source of All Creation.

The information will be bestowed upon you through a process some of you may call Grace. With loving intentions, the awareness will swirl around you to sprinkle more into your intentions. The process continues as you take your intentions out into your thoughts that create your words which become your reality.

When enough thoughts unite and the realization that there are no barriers to the God of your understanding occurs, the belief in this force will spread across the land. This will bring forth the freewill that all hold for the separation that is gradually dividing everyone into two groups. Some of those that you love will become dark to you and your world will change in the blink of an eye with the knowledge that you were supposed to experience this anguish as you connect to higher reality. That is the day you will realize you are not of this world and this body will feel lighter. The outside world will be the same but you will understand that all is different. Your flow of energy inside will be forever changed. You will be drawn to people, places and things that will make you aware of what you are supposed to do with this information. You will realize that your entire existence was to prepare you for this day. The past of all lives lived will become one linear existence. You will go back to the beginning and you will remember a time without this body and then it will all connect inside. Your mission will be revealed to you at that time.

As you conclude that you choose to be here for this experience, many questions will arise. Do not allow doubting thoughts to enter as you learn how to control your mind. This process will become tiresome and there will be times that you will think you crossed over into insanity as those around you separate inside of who you thought they were in your mind. You must make a conscious effort to put barriers around the thoughts that cause you to doubt your abilities. As you take your intentions out into action, you will begin to see your reality change. The colors will change and wonders will occur. You will begin to feel strength emerge inside you with no questions of what you are to do. Some of you will carry your Greatness in words, in music, in a smile or in a painting. Your tasks will change as these worlds collide.

The day will come when you will see this unseen world that was always right in front of your eyes. The key lies inside of you as you begin to look at the world from a paradigm and as you get control of your thoughts.









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