Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Flame of Life, Healing & Prayer

Chapter 14

You will begin to learn how to ask for assistance from this unseen world. Even on the days you do not feel a connection, you will find that this world is intertwined with who you are. It is there. As you breathe in the air, it blends in with the air that trails all the way to your heart. Your heart will feel a presence in the air with you. It will take it straight to the flame of life (the soul). You will feel it burn inside as it spreads from your heart into the blood. With each thought of love you hold, more will pump into your veins. As you reach for more of this unseen world, more will come to you through love.

Those who hold the fear inside must ask for help. The fear will need to be replaced with love to heal your mind. As the fear is replaced with love, your body will respond. There will come a day when love will heal you inside.
The feelings that fear will bring to you can make you sick inside. When you take the loving thoughts, and blend them with the fear, all the sickness you hold will turn into the light of love. The love will mix into the blood and heal your physical ailments if you believe. It starts with the thoughts that there is Something Greater that can bring you to your knees. It will take great effort from you when you bring these thoughts into your life.

If you are physically sick, the pain may over power all your thoughts. Prayer will be the key during this stage of development. It will bring the sound of love and break the air that surrounds you. Each time you say the words out loud the air will respond to you. The prayer will be the seed you plant right within the words. The seed will grow each time you speak the words of hope inside the prayer. Then the day will come to you when you will see the prayer at work. The words will come into the air and grow into the faith.

The faith will come inside the things that you will see within your day. Did your loved one finally say the words you longed to hear? How does the bird speak to you in the trees as if to say “hello”? The view will bring the belief in Something Greater because of what you see. The belief in this unseen world will seep into who you are.

This stage of growth will bring a change in what you think. All the things you use to believe will then began to fade away. Your morals will turn into the foundation of all you show the world. The prayers will spread into the air as you speak what you believe. Your virtues will be the flower that comes into full bloom.

Your virtues will change any thoughts that may be dark inside. Your thoughts will reflect what your intentions are as you go about your way. The knowledge will come to you because of the intentions you hold that mix into your thoughts. The more you speak the truth to others, the more knowledge you will gain. The knowledge will come from the Grace the Holy Spirit will provide.

The more you mix the thoughts of truth into the air where you stand, the more the knowledge will come to you because of what you think. If your intentions are full of anger, jealousy or hate, it will not matter what you say because this unseen world will know. The mixture in the air will be like a hurricane in your mind. Your words will bring this world to you because of what you say. The more you say the words of love, the more the love will mix into your thoughts. Your thoughts of love will take any intentions that are full of fear and bring you to your knees. The fear will blend into the love as you say the words. This unseen world will change your view right before your eyes.

Prayer will break the air around you as you get up off your knees. Even if you don’t believe the prayer will plant the seed. The more you say the prayers out loud, the more you will see. The change will come inside your day like the rays of the sun that seep out from the clouds after a storm has passed by.

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