Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Our Time-Line Prepares for the Manifestation of the Dark Entities in People, Places & Things

As we struggle with the new-found knowledge that there are other realms surrounding us, this awareness brings many sights and wonders. Discernment is needed as we go through this process. The only way to know if the experiences you are having with the unseen world are for your betterment is to stay connected to your higher power and to stay in touch with how the body feels as you go through each experience. When you are in the middle of a very emotional situation, for example, pay attention to your stomach area. If you feel like your stomach is doing flip-flops, take a moment to pause and go within so your higher power can guide your thoughts.

As our time-line moves into a separation physically, all love and fear will manifest into our view. This separation will even begin to be seen in the colors of the wind. Nothing will be placed into your eyesight by coincident. Your darkest fears will manifest in those you love the most and, in every experience you have, until you work through those fears. For those who deny this process, they may even begin to experience physical illness as a result.
As the separation becomes more defined, we will begin to see our fears in the shadows as well as in the physical appearances of others. Those who have reflected such beauty will begin to form into the shapes of their true intensions. The darkest forms will begin to emerge, and discernment will be necessary in such experiences. You may find yourself speaking with someone that you consider a long-time friend and as you look into their eyes, they may gradually begin to change into a dark form. Their eyes may begin to look sunken and their faces may begin to change into a shape that will cause you fear. This time has been spoken of since our beginning and these sights and wonders are NOW. To understand and prepare for this manifestation of the spirits in physical form is necessary.

Many will not acknowledge that they are seeing dark entities in others or in places and things. After all, we have been trained in this world from an early age to not believe in anything that cannot be proven. How do we explain experiences that are just feelings? How do we articulate that someone we love switches forms before our very eyes? How do we explain the shadows we see and feel around us that no one else experiences?  As our time-line speeds up and other dimensions bulge into ours, we need to prepare and understand this intrusion.

A leader is defined as someone who leads or commands a group, organization or country. Leaders are trusted to protect for the betterment of All. Just a we have leaders that guide the masses, so does the Creator of All. There are leaders assigned in the heavenly realms that hold specific roles to ensure the Universal Laws are being upheld.

There are those who oversee the planets, the stars, space and time. There are leaders who ensure the making of each day we experience during our time on Mother Earth. There are leaders who command the sun and the moon, the rain and the snow, the earthquakes and the hurricanes. All work together in perfect order to make up ultimately what we call our lives. There is even an overseer of those who live in the darkness to ensure the fear remains in those who live in this darkness.

As Mother Earth goes through the cleansing process, all the leaders are coming together to assist except the leader over the darkness. There is a war to keep those who live in the dark afraid, so they do not learn about the love that lives in the light. This is a prophetic time-line as each human plays a part. The souls are being activated in this war. We are congregating into our groups as we awaken to our individual missions under the orders of the leaders we follow.

As we prepare for the harvest, this silent war rages on. Those who are in the darkness and follow their leader try to keep us asleep and in fear for control. You are gradually holding a knowing with each waking day that you cannot explain as you try to complete your daily tasks. You would not be reading this unless you are waking up. We are All waking up like a hungry bear as we begin to be activated to accept our missions.

As in any war, we are taking our sides until there are only two leaders to choose from; the leader of the darkness or the leader for the Creation of All. There is a chief commander assigned to help those in the darkness see the light, so they can know they have a choice. This commander is gradually being known by All. This leader is full of the power that is received directly from the Creator of All. He is called by many names. The dark forces know this leader by the name of Jesus.

This name will be the ultimate weapon when you are alone in the middle of the night and feel the shadow people, the demons or the devils crawling around as they bulge out into our realities. Even if you are not certain of this commander’s power, what do you have to lose as you fight within the fears of your thoughts?

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