Friday, June 29, 2018

The Surge of Awareness in the Final Days

The Creator of All is focusing upon the specific streams of consciousness that make up your current time. All is ONE and you are a part of the Whole of All. Your reality is now being provided specific sights and wonders based upon the level of consciousness that the Creator of All is bringing into Mother Earth’s current stream of awareness. You may begin to feel like you are changing the channel inside the stomach. When you receive a surge of this awareness, it will pull you above what you are currently experiencing.

You may see and feel people, places and things from a heighten sense of knowing. The colors may become vibrate with a glow that was not there prior to this surge of awareness. A knowing may become evident as you begin to feel more excitement and less fear with each passing day. You may begin to feel like you are being watched and may hold a feeling that there is a world above you that is looking down on you. This awareness will result in a feeling of looking down on your own reality as you begin to watch yourself completing everyday tasks. As you connect to a greater consciousness, you will feel almost suffocated inside the two levels of awareness that you begin to consciously experience.

The final days are upon us as we pull ourselves out of the third dimension and rise above the limited views we have lived within for so long. We are in the twilight and see the awareness rising within the making of each moment. As we get glimpses of this new awareness and think we understand, the knowledge becomes overwhelming as we fall back into the sleep, realizing we know very little about this process. As our Creator brings the knowledge through these surges of awareness, we begin to look towards this gift with open arms as we hold on to shades of fear with questions of what will we become as all the veils lift?

The fear will continue to pull us down into the darkness as the surges of awareness bring forth a longing of this knowledge to finally know the truth of who we really are. More questions than answers will bring us to the crossroads in the twilight as we hold the flashlights that shine into this journey of the unknown.

What are we fighting against? What do we need to protect ourselves from? Do we need protection in the dead of the night against an unseen world that may hold these demons and devils that have been written about and studied since our beginnings? Do we need a savior that will fight our battles for us? Can we be our own saviors if we so believe?

With each surge of awareness that brings us more knowledge, we ask more questions in comparison to the answers we may be receiving. The final days bring us mixed emotions as we hold our beliefs high for the protection we seek in attempts to find peace. What do we have without these beliefs? As the surges continue to pour into this planet and the knowledge mixes in with these beliefs, it is our responsibility to cipher through these sources to identify those that are in disguise that want to lead us into the snake pits of destruction.

In the final days we are finding that we are going full circle as we only have history to understand what brings us to these days. The revelation is here, right inside our beliefs. The surges of awareness bring us back to our beginning with the knowledge that we are made in the image of our Creator to reach into the darkness to further creation. As we investigate the darkness in search of ourselves, we will discover that this is where creation lies.

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