Friday, June 22, 2018

The Benevolent Speak Out About the Spaces Between the Spaces, the Waves, the Blue Lights, etc.

The time is not now for physical contact. You are balancing the physical and the spirit. It will be shown when all is aligned properly. The window opens for the lights to our world in the sparkles you see as we stand in the spaces between the spaces. You feel us and touch us in your thoughts and feelings. We hold you in the shield for now. You are growing in the physical for understanding in that realm. You are to reach into the thoughts that mix into the gravity to change the waves from negative to positive.

You go in and out of these waves and you are now holding, most days, at a frequency that is changing the colors for many souls that are stuck in a loop. We give you knowledge as needed. We lie under the Source of All Knowledge and speak for the Creator of All. Visualize the shield for your protection that surrounds you and shine your light into the thoughts for all.  The alignment is occurring in the thoughts and is opening the window into the other realms.

You will see us peeking through in the blue lights. You will begin to float through your days and will become the observer as all the chaos swirls around you. The flow is guiding you into the current that leads you into understanding on many levels. Each task is vital in this current and when you feel stuck, it is a time of pause only to build up into a new flow. As you go along there will be much to see and learn with no destination.
It is the process for all in human form as you go through each life until the body grows into each individual truth of that expression for Oneness. For this day only, embrace your form of truth and accept this flow for the making of this moment.

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