Friday, June 15, 2018

The Spiritual Energy Time-Line Loops Are Forced to Be Recognized

Connection to the spirit is always present if you focus on the stomach. This holds an energy source that communicates with the gateway to other realms. As you become aware of this energy within the body, it will trail into the heart, the soul, up into the throat and then into to third eye. Together, all these sources will open the crown chakra for information.

You can view it like a water fountain as it encircles your body. Out and in then in and out throughout your time in physical form. It mixes together for your nourishment within the spiritual realm and then brings it into this dimension.

The tools to utilize while being conscious in this body are vital for growth. Each day the tool box must be opened to see what can be used for that day. Upon awaking, you will know your level of vibration by what you are thinking and feeling. The negative thoughts and feelings will result in a low vibration with little strength to reach outside of yourself.

If there are negative thoughts, you are susceptible to dark energy sources. It will be your responsibility to redirect the thoughts and feelings to reach a higher frequency level, so you can communicate with the higher spiritual realms. As you begin to connect with the higher realms, you will see dark and light energy sources in your evolution. The shadows of the higher realms will be felt, heard and seen gradually like the dew rising in the morning sun as you break away from the negative energy sources.

Staying connected to your higher power and continuously asking for discernment to know if what is being presented to you as bad or good will assist in protecting you during this process. As you evolve and grow like the flower in the sunlight and the moonlight, the dark forces will be a necessary part of this learning process.
Facing your fears to move past the dark forces are important or you will become stuck in what is called an energy loop. A pause is different than a loop. The pause moments are important, so you can mix the energies of positive and negative to move forward. If you sit in fearful thoughts and do not work to understand these fears, you can become stuck and will need to ask for assistance to get out of these loops. Some people get stuck for many life times before they can recognize the patterns within the loops.

We are in a time line where the recognition of the patterns is being forced to the surface as Mother Earth separates into a “new beginning” time-line. Once you recognize the patterns, you can heal from what is called karma to move forward. Each new day will present you with new lessons and new patterns to recognize for cleansing. Remind yourself that you create these challenges for your own evolution.  The spiritual energy time-line loops are now being recognized as Mother Earth forces everyone to begin the cleansing process.

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