Saturday, June 23, 2018

A Form of Cleansing; The Shadow People, Devils, Demons, Ghosts & the Dead

The different forms that surround you are created through a combination of several components that mix to bring forth what you experience at any given time. The mixture you currently hold places you in a frequency level that results in the current senses you are consciously aware of.

All experience the same event differently based upon what level they are vibrating. Fear and love play vital roles in the outcomes of the experiences you encounter. As Mother Earth mixes all inside for cleansing, creation is being seen in forms like never before. Each level of the dimensions holds a specific frequency of knowledge and all within that specific frequency blends to make the forms within that specific structure.

You can view this like a soup with all the ingredients together creating the taste of hot and spicy or sweet and salty. Even the pot plays a part in the making of the soup to ensure that everything is mixing properly. Everything will settle as the soup boils and all ingredients play a part in determining if the soup is pleasing to the taste-buds.

As we mix within Mother Earth, we will find that on some days we intertwine with the darkness and some days we blend within the light. Each energy source will go through us and some may stay inside of us. We will find that even the wind knows how to consciously make itself known to us at just the right time as we stir inside the pot called Mother Earth.

We may become surprised to find that when we are feeling our worst, we seem to find all around us forms into the darkest of shapes. Even the beauty from a sunrise or sunset takes on a dark form on the days we feel fearful of issues we may be faced with in our lives. We may see shadows that seem to emerge within the corners of our eyesight or we may even see, feel, smell or hear sources that no one else can. The specific mixture we makeup is only for our individual experiences.

You can view this as being on the spoon as the Creator of All takes a sip of the soup for a taste of this creation called your life. The spoonful that makes up your life can create a whole new mixture if the Creator wants or you can be poured back into the entire soup to help with the taste for All.

If you hold a fearful mixture and are blending in the soup of life, fearful ingredients will be attracted to you like a magnet. Mother Earth is cooking all together to cleanse the darkness inside and these sources will have to come to the surface, so they can be removed. Some may be hidden around and inside of you and they must be recognized so they can be removed.

More people are seeing ghosts, demons, devils, shadow people and the dead as a result. All the darkness must be brought to the surface, so Mother Earth can separate them for the cleansing as we all prepare for the harvest. Those who are being frightened by these entities are being forced to investigate their fears for this cleansing.

It will be difficult to understand that this is a process you have agreed to experience for your spiritual growth. Even when faced with the darkest of sources, this can be a sign of how strong you are and that you are so worthy that the darkest of sources have been sent for your cleansing. When seeing dark entities, these can be opportunities to face the darkest of your fears. You are then ready to evolve spiritually if you so choose.

This is a time for cleansing and all the darkness must be recognized. If not acknowledged, the shadows will become darker, the sounds will become deafening and the fear will overpower those that refuse to look at their selves. The fight for the life-force is battled in the thoughts and feelings and until these fears are faced, they will manifest into this world for all to share.
All are blending together in this soup and Mother Earth is the pot that is shaking it all up so nothing can hide. All secrets are being heard and seen. All darkness is bubbling to the surface so those who have not faced this darkness can make their choices and will be given the discernment if seeking. This knowledge is spreading rapidly as the harvest is approaching. All faiths will be evaluated as everyone forms into their groups.

As everyone moves into their position, this silent war continues. Each human plays a part and as more speak out about what they are experiencing, more will be revealed. All will see these sights and wonders before the separation. It is necessary in the final days as these experiences will show the truth of who we really are inside. The cleansing prepares us for the harvest. The darkness is necessary, so we will seek for the light. How can we know the beauty of the light without experiencing the darkness of the night?

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