Monday, June 4, 2018

The Harvest Is Near

The spirits are swirling to mix inside.
They are filling everyone with the anticipation of what is coming as some try to hide.
No one knows what will happen next.
No one knows what this mixture will project.
It is fast for those full of faith as they shout.
It is slow as it stirs in those full of doubts.
Everyone knows that something is coming.
The lights are bright for those who are anticipating what this mixture is becoming.
The darkness is causing those in confusion to become physically ill.
All can feel it as they wake with an ache they long to fulfill.
All can hear it if they listen to the stillness in the air.
All can taste it if they touch their tongues to the wind if they dare.
All can touch it if they close their eyes with attempts to become aware.
All can smell it when they let the feeling become a thought.
Some will change everything they have ever been taught.
The spirit is mixing inside the heart and mind.
The mixture is bringing all some hope to find.
It is not for the weak at heart.
It will crawl into the place where love or fear can start.
Each will have to make a choice.
Do you decide to cry in fear or do you hold only joy in your voice?
The spirit is mixing as the Harvest is near.
It mixes inside where the love and the fear appear.

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