Monday, August 25, 2014

To Heal

I was woken up at 3:33am and then again at 5:55am with thoughts of the prophet Jesus in my mind. It is said the he is the son of God. He healed the blind and raised the dead. He broke the barrier between the spirit world and this dimension. He said that what he did, we could also. He changed the physical world with his thoughts of faith in what God is capable of doing.

I am amazed at the things that Jesus did and taught while he was in human form. He healed others that were instantly changed by his touch and his words. How does faith cure the sick and heal the dying? Jesus said that what he did, we could do also. He is the key for me to unlock the door of how to heal. Just as I look to the angels for protection, I look to Jesus as the way to heal. He is an example of what the spirit is capable of in human form. He defied gravity and walked on water. Many say that these stories are not true. All I know is that I experience a feeling of hope when thinking that Jesus taught a way to worship the Creator of All and bring this source into this dimension to love and heal all who will believe. Do I dare to believe that this world that Jesus talked about can heal the dying?

I recall the day I realized that there is something out there listening to my thoughts. I was at first scared and looked around to see how a prayer I said over and over appeared in a painting. I questioned the probability of such an experience to be slim-to-none. As my awareness grew, events became like a movie in my head. I looked for verification that I had not lost my mind. I started to define the thoughts that caused me fear. I went back to the beginning of those fears. As I noticed the greater good of the cycle from fear to love, I realized I was different after the completion of each cycle. The leap in my awareness was astronomical as I found peace within my thoughts. The more I felt this presence all around me, the better I felt.

I thought I wanted to die when I found out I had breast cancer. I was alone inside my thoughts at that time and I had no purpose within myself. Today I sit alone yet I am not alone and I know that I am creating in this dimension with a world that I have yet to understand. I now have a purpose and I know that my thoughts about who I am are all I have. All the expectations placed upon me do not define who I am with “Me”.

I choose to believe that Jesus broke the barrier between the spirit world and our dimension. I choose to believe that Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead because of the documented accounts from those who witnessed his abilities. I choose to see my thoughts and beliefs in these occurrences as a way to heal myself.  

Do I dare to believe that a man named Jesus showed us how to heal? I know I feel better by believing that such things can occur and I have healed myself from cancer and lupus after becoming aware that there is a world within my thoughts that alters my reality.

This time I have God that is showing me how to accept right where I am as I look within a world that shows me a different view. A view that is full of love and heals me inside, if only for the day.
“If you look inside the view that shows you another place, you will see the part of you that shows you all the love.  This place will be inside your mind and only you can find it.  All the misery that you can hold will then become a dream.  The view will change in the blink of an eye as you find the love.  The colors will become a clue that you have found this view. “—The View by Lisa Hynes

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